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When America Ceases To Be Good

America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.
Alexis de Tocqueville

Is America a Good Nation? Is she a Great Nation? Let's examine the evidence. Of late to quickly reveal the hearts of America's leaders I tell people about World War I's Belgian War Relief. During the Great War, the citizens on the home front were extolled to donate to help the widows and orphans of war weary Belgium. The British loaded food and other supplies onto railroad cars in Belgium and sent them across no man's land into German occupied territory to feed the soldiers who were killing British husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. Britain lost 750,000 during the war. Several times that many died after the war from wounds they received during the war. All of them were killed by enemy soldiers who had been fed by the Allied leaders and their favorite charity, Belgian War Relief.

America's leaders knew that the Great War would have ended in 1915 or 1916 if Wall Street had not promised that America would enter the war. In fact America entered World War I precisely so the war would last longer and kill even more people than it otherwise would have. Our leaders made no demand that Belgian War Relief be discontinued prior to U.S. entry to protect our troops in the trenches. Nor did they demand that the British stop the flow of other war materiel through Sweden, Spain and Portugal. What the allies did demand was that the war continue until a Jewish Communist dictatorship was established in Russia and a Jewish colony was created in Palestine. That 60,000,000 human beings were killed in the Soviet Union was of no concern to our leaders. That 35,000 Americans died during World War I and more than 8,000 were blinded did not bother them. That another 100,000 American soldiers died from their wounds before Armistice Day in 1928 does not merit a footnote in their writings. They are not concerned about us. I have always wondered why we care for those who do not care for us.

So I now ask you, does a Good Nation kill tens of millions of innocent people on a whim? And even if we are a Good People how long will we continue to have a Great Nation with leaders like ours?

More recently we went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction and no ties with Al Qaeda. In fact they were enemies. All of this was known before the invasion. Yet the controlled news media did not share these facts with us until after the occupation had become a disaster. So why are we killing so many innocent people and sacrificing the lives of so many of our young soldiers and marines? Bear with me a minute as we go back in time to 4-19-1995 to shed light on 9-11 the event that first galvanized the public to support the “War on Terror.”

On 4-19-1995 morning a 52 year-old woman was in the Social Security office in the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City when she looked out the window and saw a man she later learned was Timothy McVeigh get out of a yellow Ryder truck and walk across the street. About half a minute later she saw a second man get out of the same truck and walk away. Then a bomb exploded, the building collapsed and she lost her leg. Nineteen people saw McVeigh with another man that morning and the day before. None of these witnesses were called to place McVeigh at the scene of the greatest crime in modern American history until 9-11. 168 people were killed that day including 19 children in the daycare center. Why would the Department of Justice (DOJ) not call eye witnesses unless they needed to protect the man who actually did light the fuse? The FBI and DOJ both acted to protect the man who left the Ryder truck after McVeigh and therefore was most likely to have lit the fuse to the truck bomb.

Many different sources and witnesses have traced the plot to destroy the Oklahoma City federal building to Elohim City, a supposed right wing extremist compound in northeast Oklahoma. Two weeks prior to the bombing there was a meeting held at that compound. Court records redacted the name of one participant. It only identified him as being from Morris Dees's Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which has often run infiltration programs in behalf of the FBI and Department of Justice. The other two participants were Robert Millar, a Canadian Jewish psychologist, and Andreas Strassmeir, a German Jewish man who had served as an intelligence officer in the German Army. The Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco agents in Oklahoma City were outside the Murrah building in combat gear all night long on the night of the 18th and into the morning of the 19th. None of the BATF agents were inside when the bomb detonated. Nor were any of their children in the daycare center. The only BATF employee inside the building was the woman who answered the phones until the building collapsed.

The FBI said on 4-19-1995 that the Ryder truck contained a 1,200 pound fertilizer bomb parked 40 feet from the building and was the sole cause of the collapse. The next day the the size of the bomb was upgraded to 4,200 pounds and then to 5,200 pounds, but the FBI claimed it was still this one bomb that took down the Murrah building. General Ben Partin who was in charge of ordnance (i.e. bombs) for the U.S. Air Force issued a report immediately after the bombing giving compelling evidence that the truck bomb did not take down the Murrah building. He pointed out that interior columns were taken out and that columns between the Ryder truck and those interior columns were left in tact. This is not possible scientifically so the FBI and the DOJ lied. The Congress and the Senate were given individual copies of the Partin report. Not one Senator began a filibuster to stop all voting until the FBI told the truth. Not one congressman refused to vote for any appropriations in the House until the DOJ told the truth. Ask yourself this question: Do Great Nations allow the government to protect the persons who set off bombs inside a building that killed 168 of its own citizens including 19 children age five and under?

Let's revisit 9-11-2001. On that morning bombs went off inside both the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center even before the two planes struck. There were multiple witnesses to this fact. And we also have multiple witnesses to a bomb that was detonated 3 ½ minutes prior to Flight 77 striking the Pentagon. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted to a press conference on 9-10-2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars (That's trillions not billions) in Department of Defense spending. Flight 77 was originally headed towards Rumsfeld's office until it took a 270 degree turn and came in at 400 plus mph barely 20 feet above ground and hit in the exact same area where a bomb had already killed 40 military auditors who were attempting to trace those missing trillions.

I do not want to dwell at length on 9-11. But WTC Tower 7 which was not struck by a plane also collapsed that day. The BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 some 20 minutes before it happened. It collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Videos of the building reveal that there were no fires hot enough to melt the glass windows. This means the temperature inside the building was below 800 to 900 degrees and was therefore not hot enough to melt steel. Let me describe how a controlled demolition works so you will understand what really happened. You place thermite or better yet thermate which are cutting agents at 45 degree angles adjacent to each of the girders every two floors. If you are not familiar with thermate you can look it up at Wikipedia. It is a cutting agent that burns at 4,800 degrees and melts steel in seconds. You would also need to place detonation charges to bring down the building and to attach wires running from the cutting agents and the bombs to a central control computer. The bombs and cutting agents have to go off in the proper order so that one floor is not left intact and does not resist the collapsing floors above it. If each successive floor resists the fall of the floors, it could take 100 seconds for a building to collapse and even then you could not guarantee that it would fall straight down. This is called the pancake effect and can take up to 100 seconds to complete. The persons who took down the WTC on 9-11 successfully took out all of the support columns on all of the floors simultaneously. And they did that three times in one day without alerting either the national news media or the DOJ and FBI.

I have been asking friends to look at the lists of passengers and crew of the 4 “hijacked” planes. There were no Arabs seen on the surveillance videos seen boarding the planes. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology found no Arab DNA on Flight 77 which the government alleged is what put that big hole in the side of the Pentagon on 9-11. There were no Arabs on any of the 4 planes. So how did the 19 Arabs hijack 4 planes if they were not on board even one of them? Nobody in either the news media or the Congress has demanded the Bush administration prove how the hijacking occurred or was even possible.

I now ask you this question: Do Good Nations blow up buildings with thousands of their citizens inside in order to scare the general population into declaring war on an innocent nation and kill more than 1,000,000 people during a senseless occupation? Can America still be considered Great? It certainly is no longer Good.

Currently the leaders of both political parties have approved the use of Depleted Uranium. It was used by Clinton in his Kosovo campaign and in Iraq in his air strikes to enforce the no-fly zone. Depleted Uranium is twice as heavy as lead so it can penetrate an enemy tank. It is pyrophoric meaning it bursts into flames and cooks the occupants. It is radioactive so it irradiates the bad guys, induces cancer in them and gives birth defects to their unborn children too. The fly in the ointment is that DU after it goes pyrophoric is converted into particles less than one micron in size which means they can become permanently airborne and do the same to our soldiers and marines as they did to our enemies. In fact even support military personnel and our allies in neighboring countries are exposed. DU can also get into the soil and water. The half-life of Depleted Uranium is 4.5 billion years so we are poisoning the planet for a very long time. Do Great Nations poison future generations including the unborn children of their own soldiers? I say No, but the leaders of both political parties continue to kill those who have volunteered to defend their country.

Thousands of tons of Depleted Uranium were dropped on Iraq and Afghanistan in order, I believe, to destroy those nations and to set an example to any country that refuses to bow to the joint will of the United States and Israel.

So why are we still in Iraq? Does anything about the Iraq war make sense? The occupation is a terror generator and is not a valid part of the alleged war against terror. I believe that the people who killed the military auditors at the Pentagon, and took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 in controlled demolitions wanted us to destroy Iraq and Iran. It is as if the perpetrators of 9-11 had the power to blow and whistle and announce “I want you to begin killing and to keep killing until I blow the whistle again to stop.” They have not yet blown the whistle the second time to tell us we can stop killing and dying. Our leaders want these current wars to continue for a reason.

As I said in my previous article, I believe that Bush has put 17,500 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf precisely so their ships can be sunk by Iran's Russian made anti-ship missiles after the Israelis strike Iran with American donated bunker busting nuclear weapons. Our self-appointed leaders are willing to sacrifice the lives of 17,500 sailors and marines just so they can start World War III. Great nations do not kill whenever the politicians and the media tells incredible lies. Everything we have been told about every war from 1914 to the invasion of Iraq has been a lie. How real were our wars when both sides had the same bankers? The only really true statement we can make about our wars is that we killed tens of millions of people and sacrificed the lives of our soldiers for nothing.

The American dollar is on the verge of total collapse. We are obviously being led to World War III at this time because our leaders do not expect America to survive as a sovereign nation for more than a year or two. They have stolen our government. They have sacrificed the lives of those men and women who enlisted in the military mistakenly thinking they are defending their country. Our leaders are insane. They will destroy America and the world.

We are just months away from a presidential election in which both major party candidates have promised to wage war against Iran which would launch World War III and destroy the world we knew.

America long ago ceased to be either Good or Great. We have one last chance in the coming year to do something Great as a people. We must reject all of their lies. We must reject all of their wars. We must no longer believe anything we see in their controlled press. We must realize there is no Opposition Party. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are war parties and were long ago bought and paid for by Wall Street and by the Zionists.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg Society and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have announced their plan to form a North American Union (NAU) merging America with Canada and Mexico by 2010. I see no reason why a nation that is neither Good nor Great should not surrender its sovereignty. Of course the citizens of the nation that used to be known as America might object to their new status as serfs on the Global Plantation. I know they will be angry when they discover that the coming hyperinflation will permanently cut their real after tax wages by 50% and their savings by 90%.

As I said in a previous essay, I believe America will soon have martial law. I have since made plans to leave America before it becomes a dictatorship. We have at least a few months left of relative freedom. I am fortunate to have a profession which can be practiced overseas.

I was born an American. I was born free. I loved the country I knew as a child. I will always be an American even though the country I loved could soon cease to exist. It is with great sadness that I announce my decision to leave my native land before it dies.

I am under no illusions about the nature of the people who think they own our government. They have declared unto themselves the new power of Extraordinary Rendition which means they believe they have the right to kidnap, imprison, torture, and even kill any person anywhere in the world. I want to leave this country not because I am foolish enough to think it will make me safe but because I can no longer justify being part of the Greatest Force for Evil in the twenty-first century.

[Authors Note: I wrote this in January and posted it on my other blog Http://OpeningMind.Blogspot.com I am posting this now as we get closer to the resolution of this conflict and we approach the time when we could be imprisoned for resisting the Evil that is our government.]


Blogger Roger said...


You really should learn about what depleted uranium is and more importantly what it is not. Start with learning how much natural Uranium 238 is present in your own back yard or how much you personally ate and drank today. Then, start to wonder if all the horror stories about DU are really a myth that began in Saddam Hussein's propaganda machine or if they are just retold because it makes America look bad in the world. If you ask these questions, maybe you will decide to learn first and rant second. Good place to begin is www.depletedcranium.com - you can watch dinner on a DU-glazed bright orange Art Deco Fiesta Ware plate and watch the Geiger counter reading afterwards. The Yahoo Group DUStory was formed to expose some of the frauds of the anti-DU crusade like Douglas Lind Rokke, Leuren K Moret and the South Bay's own Dennis Kyne - some of the public records act (FOIA) documents are posted in the Files Section and Message 76 has links to a number of solid scientific reports about DU, uranium, radiation, veterans health, etc. Do come and visit.



8:32 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

Here is hoping that you post my comments - but if you don't - why don't you at least post an e-mail address -

I meant to copy and save my comments for fear of "moderation", but did not and I would appreciate their being sent to me if you don't post them.



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Blogger Daniel F said...

I have heard these arguments in the past that there is so much DU naturally in our environment. That is garbage. I have only touched on DU slightly. But the late David Hackworth said that the Pentagon admitted we would lose 25,000 soldiers from the Persian Gulf War. Mostly due to DU and to experimental vaccines.
A DU dinner plate is one thing. An exploded tank shell with one micron diameter particles is another. Soldiers have been getting sick in Iraq just by transporting damaged tanks. An undamaged tank is not dangerous. But a damaged one kills.
I publish comments in entriety even if they disagree.
I did reject one letter that was too long. And it missed the whole point. He was silly enough to say he accepted the NIST report on WTC 7. Tower 7 was never hit by a plane. And there were fires only on a few floors. No skyscraper in history collapsed into its own footprint from fire until 9-11-2001
What amazed me about this post is that I have had two long replies from people with blogs and mailing lists. This is amazing because I just published this and have never posted it anywhere else. I wonder how people heard about this essay because this is my low volume blog and is mostly concerned with spiritual matters. I posted this here because I am considering leaving the country before World War III is launched by attacking Iran.That will turn America into a National Security State.
I would like to know how so many highly organized people just happened to read this blog today.
If you want to email me, you can click on my profile to get to my other blog and to my email address.

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