Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prayer and Healing

Everyone prays and prays all the time. Prayer is communion with God and with all Life. We are part of God because God is Universal Mind or Spirit. We must think with the Mind of God because there is no other mind with which we could possibly think. When I was a child, I defined God or Spirit as my mind at its deepest level. The surface level of the mind sees itself as separate from everything and everyone. This is the home of the ego which sees everyone as having the ability to take away what the ego wants you to think you need. Ego is a word in both Greek and Latin and means I. The ego is not capable of sharing and therefore of communion and prayer. So how can I say that everyone prays and prays all the time?

The world we see was created by the Vision of God. If we assume God is Omnipresent, then we must ask how God sees the moon. Does He see it as apart from Himself as we imagine our perception does? Not if He is Omnipresent. He must be simultaneously creating what He sees while He sees it otherwise the moon would be outside of His Omnipresent Being. I would go further and say that as part of God we can see what He sees. Therefore what we see must also be part of God. When I was a child, I knew that subjects and objects always occur together because they cannot appear apart on their own. The moon cannot exist outside the Mind of God anymore than you can. We see the moon because God has created it with His Vision as part of Himself. Our mundane vision sees diseases, wars and famines which are all unworthy of God's Vision. Our problem is that the ego is using the Mind of God to create things that are not of God to prove that your are not of God. The ego will never prove there is a world apart from God. God is Omnipresent and there is nothing apart from Him. The ego prays or communes to create the world we see so even the atheists and the materialists pray all the time. Prayer is how the material girl created her material world.

Healing is possible because we can choose to commune with God and not the ego. Healing of the mind, the body and the spirit are the result of communing with God. We can see the results of communing with the ego. War, cancer, AIDS and strife. For the past few years we have seen the ego on steroids with wars and looming economic collapse. All this is the logical conclusion of seeing the world of separation just as healing is the result of seeing the world with the Vision of God.

A tumor is not a permanent condition. Nothing is permanent because everything is part of God and must be re-created from instant to instant to maintain the illusion of duration. Your world including your body and that of a loved one must be re-created each instant so it can be reborn without a tumor or a bad back or some other condition. The unitiated call this a miracle. The real miracle is the change of mind that permits change in an uncaring ego-maniacal, self-destructive world. To the scientifically minded I say that healing is just the practice of fourth dimensional geometry. If you do not like what you see, wait a minute and it will change provided you are using the Vision of God.

To those of any religion or any path I say that you are part of God. You will never be able to leave Him or to prove He does not exist or is separate from you. So why continue in pain and agony? Why not change your mind as accept your Identity? Your memory of the past in part is creating the world you see. The alternative is to remember your present Identity as a Child of God who was created from God's Being and never departed. And what about your karma or past deeds? Where do they go? How do you release yourself from the past? All you have to do is to choose to remember your Identity instead of your past. As I said in a previous essay, if you would prove to me or to yourself that the past is real, please reach out and touch yesterday. You can prove your Identity is real first by accepting It for yourself and then by sharing It with those who want to share in your release from the prison of the ego.

My great-grandmother was a healer. She healed herself of two life threatening diseases. To the best of my knowledge she never healed anyone else. Most healers only heal themselves or someone close to them like a child, a parent, a spouse or a friend. Why? Most books on healing do not cover this subject but a healer needs to establish a relationship or a connection with the patient. These connections are based on the connectedness of being and not on personal history so they can be made real to us and produce visible healing in minutes even with a complete stranger. However, it is easier for some people to feel that connectedness with a member of their own family or with a close friend.

Sometimes a person with a serious and painful disease wants pain relief but is not healed. I do not believe in blaming the patient, but selfish people are threatened by the connectedness of Being that healing implies. And many others are currently on other paths and do not want to change directions. Others might prefer to learn how to heal themselves rather than rely upon someone else.. And then it might be true that the healer just needs more practice in sharing his or her Identity with others before the difficult cases become easy. And for some reason healers often find one impossible disease easier to heal than another. Why? I don't know how all of these personal preferences originated. They all end when you have had more practice sharing your Identity.

I should point out that healing is not a recovery process and is not dependent on time. Time is an illusion. Immanuel Kant said that time and space are ideas that every human must have in order to understand what is going on around us. Kant also said that God exists outside of time and space. I agree. I would further say God does not share in our illusions so He is Free to re-create the world without a tumor in seconds even if it is as big as a grapefruit . Fourth dimensional geometry makes anything possible. Time and space exist only inside your mind. They do not exist outside you in the world. This means you are liberated from the laws of science and medicine if you also are willing to accept an Identity that places you outside of time and space.

Prayer has also been defined as desire. Buddha means One Who Knows. Gautama Buddha said that desire is ignorance. I would agree. The ignorant man does not see that the world is a direct manifestation of Being. The world is a poor prison because the inmates all have keys to release themselves. I do see a relation between prayer and desire. I once read that we ought to make a lifetime prayer request that is general and not specific, such as, I want to love, to heal and to teach. And not I want a specific job. Or we could make our entire life a prayer, such as, dedicating our lives to peace and to stopping World War III. Praying for things might work in the short run. There are churches dedicated to praying for worldly goods. These people are called treasure mappers. They will be soon disappointed if my economic forecasts are correct. Desire is ignorance if you already are what you want to have and to become. True prayer is communing with God and with all Life. It has nothing to do with worldly possessions. These things take care of themselves. Please remember that you can only see your surroundings because God sees them and you see what He sees. That means He sees every last detail of your life and knows your personal life and needs.

True prayer is accepting your Identity and sharing it. You do not need to verbally tell people your discoveries. That might be counter productive. You share it on the spiritual level by affirming the Truth of Who and What They are. You limit the Truth you accept about yourself by the limits or judgments you place on your brothers and sisters. If you deem them to be unworthy, then you have deprived yourself. Everyone you meet is a child of God as you are. Joel Goldsmith once was conversing with God and said, “Lord, this is a difficult path.” He said the Lord responded, “No. It is only difficult for the first two hundred years. After that it is very easy.” I should point out that conversing with God is normal. I defined God as my mind at its deepest level. It does appear that this deeper Identity in us must be a separate person as the surface person we are could not be this wonderful Being that dwells within us. Sufficient practice will eventually convince you that the inner man or woman is not a separate person but that it is the most real part of your being. It is the eternal part. It is your destiny to become One with that Inner Person.

As I said elsewhere, when I was a child I read First John chapter III which reads, “When we see him (Jesus), we will be like him. I immediately knew that I could make the logically equivalent statement that “We will never see Christ until we are like Christ.” If Christ is the first born of many brothers and sisters, then Christianity is the process of becoming like Christ. That is not to say that Omnipresence is the exclusive property of the Christians. I have been asked to leave Christian churches. And I have benefited greatly by the study of other paths.

I would hesitate to make personal recommendations for anyone else's personal prayer life. I might recommend a classic like Brother Lawrence's Practicing the Presence of God. Or you could repeat an affirmation like “I am one with God and all creation.” The important point is finding a path, reading the best books on that path and spending time alone with God.

If you or a loved one is facing a life threatening illness and you do not get immediate results from prayer that makes surgery or treatment unnecessary, please go ahead with the medical solution though you always want a second opinion before undergoing extensive and invasive treatment.

Be of Good Cheer. Your Identity can never be taken from you. Your Identity will never be destroyed in a war or an economic collapse. Your Identity is Real. It is more real than anything in this world. The world is nothing more than the reflection of what we collectively believe to be true. What the world needs now is for a few men and women to come forward and to share their Identity that others might learn from their elder brothers and sisters.

Goodbye for now, Daniel


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