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The Unending World We Love

I had two visions when I was eight years-old. The second vision taught me how the Mind of God interacted with us to create the world we see. The term Mind of God has been used by physicists from Newton to Einstein. When I was 8 years-old, I did not use those words. I just said, “I always knew the universe was a trick. That is how they do that.” I was referring to the manner in which the world we see was created. I was in a schoolyard and had seen an artist's sketch pad with an airplane drawn in successively different positions so that when the boy flipped through the pages it would appear that the plane is flying. It was not until I was a couple of years older that I read about fourth dimensional geometry which I feel is best explained by our experience with movies. Movies were originally called moving pictures. The fourth dimension is time which makes the plane appear to be flying when it does not move at any one instant. Time to me is an illusion. If you would prove to me that the past is real, please reach out and touch yesterday.

Sometimes I can remember the future. I knew Kennedy was to be assassinated long before the elections of 1960. Even before election day in 1960 I told the boys at school to get into the army and get out before 1965 because we were going to war in Vietnam. More recently I described an accident to a woman at work that she had just seen. I had to drive through that same intersection so I said I would wait six minutes before leaving. I said that when I arrived at the accident scene, the police car that had been directing traffic would pull away. I also said that I would see a tall woman EMT with peroxide blonde hair talking to two cops on the sidewalk as I made my left turn to go towards the freeway. My co-worker was amazed when I said this. I have been doing this all my life. We cannot touch the future so how is this possible? I don't know. Perhaps the future is determined by our past, by our beliefs and by our decisions. So when a prophet says we will have a war that will kill us all unless we change our ways all he is doing is giving us one last chance to just say no to madness and mayhem.

A few months after that initial vision which I later said permitted me to develop an integrated theory of consciousness and physics I had a series of insights that fleshed out my theories. I wanted to understand the Christian Bible so I went into the the living room to lie down and began my contemplations. I had previously reasoned that a cause and effect relationship required that we have a cause that preceded an effect such that if we saw the cause we would expect the effect. My example was a tennis racket and a ball. We hit the ball and it goes over the net. I decided that to determine the meaning of the Bible I would find three quotes from the Scriptures and connect the three as past, present and future. The quote which I selected to represent the future was “When we see him (Jesus), we will be like him.” I knew that I could change the sentence and make the logically equivalent statement “We won't see him (Jesus) until we are like him.” That really pointed out the problems of those Christians who were waiting for Jesus to return and smite their enemies. I was told by my teacher that what I had independently discovered was what her friends had told her was a contrapositive. What you do is to take the second clause and negate it. Then you put it front of the first clause. Logically there is no reason to believe we will see Christ until we are like Him.

I also came to some conclusions that relate to the title of this essay The Unending World We Love. I defined God as Spirit or Mind and said that God was our mind at its deepest level. I concluded this from my belief in the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of God. I said that subjects and objects only appear to be separate because we focused on one and then on the other. What people do not seem to understand I said is that subjects and objects always occur together. I concluded that we were quite literally creating what we were seeing. That is why the world we see will never end. We will always create an object to be associated with our subject. We Love what we see, because what we see is part of us. This follows from the principle of Omnipresence. Of course we can experience wars and cancers if we do not understand the world we see is a choice and we can undo the choices that brought us our present calamity. As I said in my profile, I do believe that you and I were put on this earth at this precise point in time so you and I could face the challenge of stopping World War III.

There has been much enmity between Muslims and Protestants as well as between Christians and Muslims. I would now attempt to bridge the gap between the three religions of the West by explaining the term Vision of God. Islam means submission. This is implied by my definition of God. He is Omnipresent and He is Spirit. That must mean His Mind must include us in His Being. We live and move and breathe because we are part of Him. This must be true by the definition of Omnipresence which is much more explicit in the Koran than in the Bible. The submission of the ego to God is easy to accomplish as soon as we accept the Divine Fact that we are already part of God, have never left Him and indeed could never have existed apart from Him. What does exist apart from God is the world of pain, war, disease, corruption and illusions. But that world was something we created to replace the world of Light. From God's point of view Heaven is the Real World He Loves and maintains eternally.

The term Vision of God was developed by the Catholics in the Middle Ages and it was a logical conclusion of the belief in the Omnipresence of God. They argued that if God is Omnipresent then He must not see the sun, the moon and the stars as being apart from Himself so His Vision does not work like ours is imagined to. He must be quite literally creating the sun, the moon and the stars as He sees them with His Vision. I would say that we are only able to see the sun, the moon and the stars because He sees them and we are part of Him. Therefore we see what sees. If we are capable of changing our minds and accepting God's Thoughts, we are capable of instantaneously changing the world we see. This right to heal and to change the world we see is inherent in us as we are part of God. We can learn to see the world with the Vision of God.

In the Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah it says “My Thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not My Ways.” I have always thought that religion or mysticism is the process of learning to knowingly think like God thinks so His Thoughts and His Ways become ours. We are not limited to healing bodies. We can change our thoughts and change the world. The challenge to us at this time is to gather together a sufficient number of people with the Vision of God to permanently cancel World War III.

We think with the Mind of God because there is no other mind with which we could possibly think. Our goal should be to knowingly and to continuously think with the Mind of God. That is true Prayer without ceasing.

We have real Cause for Hope, because the Cause of Everything is in us, has never left us and will never forsake us. The World We Love can never end.


PS. This essay was written in response to comments from those who read my previous essay Musings On The End Of The World We Knew which appeared to frighten some people. It would if you did not understand that this world can be changed in an instant. Henceforth, I will maintain two separate blogs. The other blog and my email address can be reached by clicking on the View My Complete Profile tab to the right. A lot of people did not see Blogspot before today and had trouble finding my email address and my other blog.

I feel obligated to mention fatal illnesses, such as, cancer and AIDS. Many people have died from them and others have survived. I condemn no one who has chosen to die in these perilous times. Clearly, we all know that World War III is coming so many have chosen to exit from the scene before the Final Act. I criticize no one for not wanting to witness the deaths of several billion human beings. I do say that we who remain in the flesh do have time to change the future. I have outlined practical political solutions that will stop the coming war at that other blog. But this site has now returned to its original purpose and will no longer deal with either politics or economics though it will continue to resist war by focusing on spiritual solutions that will undo the wrold the ego hath wrought.

Bye For Now, Daniel


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