Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catherine Austin Fitts Has The Key

Ever since the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we have been told there is one investigation or one piece of the puzzle that if publicized would enable us to go through the media blockade and to completely undo the strangle hold that has been holding us in our place since the rise of the National Security State. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, who was Deputy Secretary of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) in the Bush I administration under Jack Kemp, has the key that can set us all free and even stop World War III. The name of the key is Community Wizard. It is a computer program that allows the individual user to input their zip code and to get a print out of all government spending in their neighborhood.

Catherine's friend Louis used Community Wizard to discover that the federal government had spent $4,000,000 on flood relief in his home town of Bronxville, New York whose postal code is 10708. At that time there had not been a flood in the previous 120 years. Catherine Austin Fitts had also used Community Wizard to discover one block in San Diego that had 10 HUD loans on buildings that never existed and did not even have postal addresses. I believe they deliberately selected non-existent postal addresses because they did not want some know nothing low level HUD employee to contact the rightful owner of the building in order to collect on the loan. You would think that these loans would make the national news and even stir the opposition party to use it in the next election cycle. But that never happened.

Susan Gaffney was Inspector General at HUD in the Clinton years. On March 22, 2000 she testified before the House Committee on Governmental Reform that she had to adjust the books to reflect losses of $17.6 billion for 1998 and $59.6 billion for 1999. Of course the money missing from HUD was not confined to HUD or to the Clinton years. Fitts estimated total undocumented accounting adjustments for the Department of Defense (DOD) and for HUD to amount to a whopping $3.3 trillion, or $11,700 for every American. And HUD's Inspector General refused to certify her department's 1999 financial statement, the one that included that $59.6 billion in “adjustments.” Actually, these are old estimates and do not reflect the total amount of theft and incompetence. Now you have an explanation for both the Republican and Democratic parties and the mainstream news media's refusal to raise real corruption issues.

But there is a way out. If the Community Wizard program were made available to civic groups around the U.S., citizens could discover tons of corruption in their local area by simply entering their zip code. The national mainstream media can be bypassed by releasing our investigations to hundreds of local news outlets. Where I live, we have faced many cuts in spending on health care, schools, libraries and other public services. The unions could get a copy of Community Wizard and find the money they need to hold onto their jobs and to keep public services from being cut. Others will look at the larger picture and want to get rid of all congressmen and senators who have acted to cover up massive corruption by refusing to enact adequate auditing procedures as recommended by the Grace Commission in 1981. The Grace Commission concluded we could save $100 billion a year if we audited federal spending as required for all public corporations. With today's prices and federal budget that would be over $200 billion a year or $4 billion a week. Since Community Wizard gives results by zip codes, you and your neighbors could use it to rid yourselves of even the most entrenched congressman or senator at the next primary or general election.

Those who bemoan the loss of civil liberties will also want to use Community Wizard to get rid of those politicians who stand between us and restoration of the Bill of Rights. And many of us will want to use Community Wizard to get rid of those corrupt politicians who support the National Security State and seem determined to launch World War III.

Catherine Austin Fitts has been embroiled in endless lawsuits designed to immobilize an honest woman. The Community Wizard program has been bottled up by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Her company Hamilton Securities is owed millions of dollars by the federal government but they refuse to pay as they know she holds the key to the demise of the old regime of bi-partisan corruption. The DOJ has the program, but Ms. Fitts has a couple of CDs and other information that would enable a skilled programmer to reconstruct the complete Community Wizard program. She estimates that it would take $50,000 to do just that. The key to releasing us all from the prison of the National Security State, ending corruption, saving us from certain national bankruptcy and very likely stopping World War III can be had by investing $50,000 in the reconstruction of the Community Wizard program.



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