Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Healer

Who and What is a healer? Previously, I have said that everyone prays and prays all the time so the question should be: Why does one man's or woman's prayers lead to healing but another's does not?  What does he or she do, if anything at all, to release people from the prison of disease, pain and injury? Before proceeding further I should note that in America at least half of the healers are women. This is understandable because I am convinced that everyone can heal and be healed.

Very few healers and patients can explicitly tell us the whys and the hows of healing. I have read of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh healers. What is it that they all have in common that allows them to heal and would therefore would enable those who have never healed before to heal and be healed?

I revealed the answer to this question in my two previous essays. It is called the Vision of God and was first mentioned by the Catholics of the Middle Ages and is very compatible with Islam which believes in the Omnipresence of God.  God is Omnipresent so He cannot see the moon as an object apart from Himself as we imagine we do. So what He must be doing is simultaneously seeing and creating the moon.
Almost all religions teach that time is an illusion. Immanuel Kant in the Critique of Pure Reason said that God exists outside of time and space. He also said that time and space are ideas that we use to categorize our experience. I would just say that since time and space do not exist in the Real World where God is, the healer who dwells in the Presence of God is not limited by the laws of this world.

When I was a child, I remember telling my teacher that I thought it was funny that people didn't realize that subjects and objects always occurred together. I told her that they cannot occur apart. What we are doing is just focusing our attention on the object and then on the subject. If we accept the Vision of God as true, then there are startling revelations to be absorbed about how our minds and our vision actually work. Since there is no space and time in God's world, then how does He use His Vision to create the moon and enable us to perceive it in our world of time and space?

God created us as part of Himself. Because He sees the moon and we are part of Him we are able to see the moon and everything else He sees. I do not believe God created the moon once many years ago and then walked away from His creation. What I am saying is that He has created the moon with His Vision and continues to see it for as long as we need it. Relax. God is not about to make the moon disappear. He is not that cruel. He created us from Himself for a reason and is not about to make either us or our world disappear.

After telling my teacher that subjects and objects always occur together I said that what we are doing is literally creating what we are seeing. We share in God's Vision because we share in His Being. When I was a child, I defined God as my mind at it's deepest level. That is why everyone has the potential to heal and to be healed. When we go beyond the surface level of the mind and past the ego and past it's belief that we are separate from God and from each other, we enter the Realm of God or the Real World.

In the Real World there is no sickness and no strife. Often times the atheist will blame God for war and cancer. God did not create them. We did. And because we created sickness, misery and war it is in our power or rather the Power we share with God to end them.

There is a tendency in some metaphysical circles to blame the victim of a disease for having caused it by behaving badly in a past life. This blame is let loose with no proof other than an assumption. I do not speculate. I just heal. I assume that a lot of cancer is caused by the poor American diet which consists of MSG, Aspartame, carbonated beverages, sugar and trans fatty acids. It could also be that the sick believe in the law of averages. Think of a giant wheel of fortune with diseases and medical conditions written in place of the prizes. You spin and have a 33% chance of cancer. If your “number” comes up, you go to the hospital for radiation and chemotherapy. This is the price the ego would gladly have you pay for the it's continued existence. Fortunately, you are not an ego. You are spirit as God is and are therefore not subject to the law of averages.

The healer knows that his real home is in the Real World where there are no diseases and no automobile accidents. This is the origin of the old American metaphysical saying, “That is not real. That did not really happen.” This seems at first glance to be nonsensical. What the healer should say is that there is neither cancer nor an injured spine in the Real World where God, you and I dwell.  If God is really Omnipresent, is it possible there is some other place where He is not permitted to enter and where we live? Even the ego cannot believe in Omnipresence and being separate from God. Reason dictates that this is not possible. What is possible is that you do not know your true nature and suffer according to the whims of the ego.
A healer ought not to believe in the law of karma. The past is an illusion. We are here to free ourselves from the illusion that either the past or any other mythical entity can restrict the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God.

Time is an illusion so healing does not take time. A healed body appears in time and space just as your body appears here and now. It takes no effort to perform a seeming miracle. But I assure you that a miracle of healing is from God's point of view no different than you getting up and walking across the room. It is no strain on Him to give a man a healed spine or to make a tumor disappear from a woman's body. He is faithfully helping us to create the world we see. It is our beliefs that limit what we receive from Him.

Now we understand how the healer heals. It is an automatic response to living in this world. Some people actually pray for the sick I do not. From my understanding God is not waiting up in Heaven for us to beg him to intervene in behalf of those who deserve to be healed. I believe that we are already praying all the time because prayer is how we create what we are seeing.

Healing is accomplished simply by the healer changing his or her mind. In the Old Testament it says, My Thoughts are not your thoughts. Your ways are not My Ways.” I always thought of religion as a man or woman learning to think like God thinks. And those who are willing to change their minds and to think like Him are given in some small measure the gift of the Vision of God. That is why I do not pray for those who ask me to heal them. What I do is to say “I will include you in my prayers.” My prayers are my life as your prayers are your life. True prayer has nothing to do with begging God to grant a special favor.

Some years ago I started using the term the Connectedness of Being to describe how we are all connected with one another through God's Spirit. I define Knowledge as the realization of this Oneness of Being. The healer has dedicated himself or herself to the release of the world from the Ignorance that can see no connectedness from one part of God's Being to another.

The healer and the patient are already connected. But the healer does need the patient's consent except in the case of a small child or an unconscious person. In these cases we can obtain permission from a parent or a spouse. The patient has equal rights to the healer and can refuse help. Many people are so frightened of learning they are connected to all Life that they would rather die than learn that lesson. That is their right.

Time is an illusion but distance is too. This means you can heal instantly someone on the other side of the world. Of course it also means you do not have to lay your hands on the sick which is a common custom in America.

Healing becomes an automatic response when we learn to think with the Mind of God and accept His Ways as ours. God sees no difficulty in healing the most horrendous diseases even in the oldest person who has no immune system left. A healer does not speed up the immune system. People have been healed of cancer and AIDS in less than 60 seconds. That is not enough time for the immune system to do anything. Disease is returned to the nothingness from which it came.

 The Vision of God created your body and will maintain it for as long as you need it and for as long as God needs you on this earth. We must learn God's Ways. He sees past, present and future as one. He knows the outcome to any given situation well in advance. He knows which step we should take next. That is why we should accept Divine Guidance and to allow Him to decide the course of our actions. It is not for the healer to say who should and who should not be healed.

Man's ways revolve around his emotions. The word emotion is a compound of e or out of and motion. I would define emotions as feeling toned reactions or nonrational judgments. These emotions are to be replaced by Divine Guidance which as I have said is key to the healer accepting God's Ways. Practice allows us to develop the skill in listening to God's Voice. The healers need to set time apart from the world of the ego to dwell in the Realm of God where all healing takes place.

Every healer has his or her first patient. This is often a member of the family. In fact most healers only heal themselves or a few close relatives. There are other healing milestones, such as, healing the first cancer patient or healing a condition that any doctor will tell you cannot be healed.. I have yet to heal my first blind person but that is my goal.

In the Old Testament we read “Let's make man after our image.” That is why all men and women are here. We were created to be like Him. The healer is taking one of the many paths to God and has chosen to share his or her release from pain with all the world.


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