Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christianity Versus Jesusanity

I had taken a break from healing due to extreme political pressure. At Thanksgiving a cousin asked me to heal her. She had tremendous pain in her back and was even thinking of suicide as pain control. She was cured and asked me on Christmas eve to heal her fiance's back, neck and leg. He had been in tremendous pain since an accident when he was 19. He was riding a mountain bike and had been hit by a truck. He was thrown high into the air and landed on the hood of another truck. His head went through the windshield. His neck was broken. He had been in pain until he and my cousin asked me to heal him. It took just a few minutes to relieve him of his pain. I saw him again the next day which was Christmas. His pain was still gone and he had settled into his healing. He got my cell number so he could call me to heal his parents. This is Christianity.

Christianity is not to be confused with Jesusanity. Christianity is the belief in the Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence of God. Jesusanity could be thought of as a physics class that taught Sir Isaac Newton was a brilliant scientist because God had impregnated his mother. The class would teach nothing of physics and would teach that it is a heresy to believe that you could become a physicist. Christianity is the belief that everyone can heal and be healed. That is why I believe that Jesusanity is an insult to the historical Jesus. In point of fact the New Testament tells us that we will all become like him. When I was a child, I remember reading I John Chapter 3 which said, "When we see him (Jesus), we will be like him." I immediately knew that a logically equivalent statement "You will not see him until you are like him" was also true. This removes all magical thinking from Christianity. Christians are required to become like Christ. This requires effort not blind belief.

I told my cousin and her fiance that time and space are ideas that we use to interpret and to organize our experiences. God exists outside of time and space and is not restricted by our beliefs. I have always thought that religion teaches man how we can think like God thinks. This means we can in some measure overcome the limitations of time and space. If I take a trip across country, it takes time to cross that much spatial distance. But think of the world from God's perspective. He is already in California, in Boston, in Cairo and Tokyo. Therefore it takes no time for Him to go from one location to another. When we heal, we are obeying the Laws of God and are not subject to the laws of men. That is why we can heal people at a distance of several thousand miles. People on the other side of the world are not distant from each other from God's point of view which is the only one that matters. We were all created from the same Spirit. Spirit to me is a level of Mind where there is no ego and where no illusions of this world enter so we are free to heal and to be healed.

I feel good now that I have healed a couple of people again. Healing is true happiness for me. I am at a political standoff in my native land which does not allow me to freely heal all who would ask. But I am not restricted by time and space so what I propose is a worldwide healing network of people dedicated to transforming the world. Healing dissolves old beliefs. Years ago a Zionist threatened to kill me. I healed him of AIDS and he still threatened to kill me. He was Jewish, an atheist and an extreme Zionist. It was two years before he changed his mind sufficiently to call me a friend. I am not a faith healer. I do not require someone to be convinced of the correctness of my view before I will heal him. I can only think of the advice I give to young men. To convince a woman of the truth of your argument you do not have to get her to agree with you intellectually. What you must do is to induce in her the same Joy and Love you feel. And, since Love is of God, what we are doing is sharing God's Presence one person at a time. I believe we are approaching the darkest hour in human history. I also believe that we are about to experience the greatest unfolding of the Presence and Power of God in modern times. The ego is completely undone in the Presence of God's Joy, Love and Power. That is why all religions of Power and Presence are anathema to those who think they own the government. Be of good cheer. Their days are numbered. The only question is whether or not we survive their passing. Their time has come and gone. Our only concern is to be true to our True Self, the One that was created by God and has never been defeated by the ways of this world.


Blogger jim said...

Well said and full of good points.

Changing the world is no easy task, glad it is coming and we don't have to also go and get it first, that makes it easier.

God be with you in your goodness.

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