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I have been healing since I was ten years-old. I once healed a woman of a breast tumor in ten seconds. She was an agnostic so I made no theological arguments. I just told her that women were created to be happy and she did not have the right to have a tumor to make her unhappy. Then I said, "I will not allow some nut to take a knife to your breasts. That tumor has to come out of you now." It departed when my foot hit the floor in time with the word "now." The relationship between the healer and the patient is more imporatant than theology. I developed an integrated theory of consciousness and physics when I was 8 years-old as a result of a vision I had in a school yard. Most of the people I healed could never understand those insights. I let them relate whatever theology they have to what is happening in their bodies. I have healed Jewish people, agnostics, atheists and even one young Muslim woman. I am not a faith healer who requires someone to accept my theology prior to changing what is happening in their body.

I have always thought it best to approach healing from God's point of view rather than man's. Immanuel Kant said that belief in time and space were necessary for human perception. But God is not so bound. If past, present and future are one to Him as Saint Augustin thought, then it would not matter to Him if the patient is healed prior to changing his or her mind which is contrary to what the faith healer believes. Nor would a healer be bound by spacial ideas. I have healed two cancer patients at a distance of 3,000 miles. God is equally present everywhere so distance means nothing to Him.

When I was a child, I had a vision as I said, but I proceeded to define my terms. I defined God as Spirit which to me is a level of Mind where there is neither an illusion of an ego nor of a subject object split. When my mother asked me to heal her, I had to think through what healing required. I did so through from God's point of view. I realized that the traditional begging for a God or a saint somewhere to heal my mother was wrong. I began by assuming that Omnipresence and Omnipotence were true, because, if they were not, then healing would not be possible. Omnipresence meant that I was thinking with the same Mind as God. That made begging counter productive as it was really just a statement of a false belief in separation from God. I also had a problem relating with my mother which I alluded to in my profile. The relationship between a patient and the healer is far more important than theology and church membership.

I decided to pray for all mothers everywhere rather than for mine alone. I knew that I could not heal her if I prayed for her alone, because our relationship was extremely poor. I informed her of my decision and told her that she was included in the group called mothers. I prayed, went to sleep and woke up to a healed mother in the morning. Prayer had reset the bones in her foot overnight. As an adult, I have continued the practice of praying daily without specifically asking that healing be directed to one person alone above all others. What I do tell people is that we need to establish a relationship to get results for a particular patient. That means I need the permission of the parent for a child or a request from an adult who seeks a change in bodily conditions. Third party requests do not work for me.

As I said in my profile, I am more concerned with stopping World War III than with healing individual bodies. To my way of thinking God created us to reproduce Himself not to kill our neighbors. The healer is a man or woman who has an attitude of blessing others and himself or herself continually. This follows from the Principle of Omnipotence. All Power is of God. All Power is in Him which is to say it is in each one of us. Being sick is one means of denying that all Power is in us. The problem is that this earth is a place for beginners to learn. Think of learning to heal as learning to drive a Ferrari on the first day of driver education in high school. Actually, driving is far easier to learn than healing. We have so many opportunities to give Power away from our Self to the events and people that seem to drive us and to conform to the laws of this world. Healers break all the laws of economics, scarcity, medicine and physics. There are no laws but God's, because this is a Spiritual Universe. It said in the Book of Isaiah that God's Thoughts are not ours and that our ways are not His. Healers are those who have decided to think like God and to accept His Thoughts as theirs. This will make His ways ours which will end all wars and poverty as well.

Perhaps an analogy would best illustrate what I have said. Think of Spirit as an Infinite Universe. No matter how far you see it is part of you because you are part of It. Even the most distant star is part of the same Being which you are. All the Power that created that Universe is in each one of us. That means the Entire Power of Creation is in You. To release that Power through us we need to realize How God thinks. The first Rule is that His Truth is Universal. If I do not recognize the Light or Spirit in everyone else, then I will not recognize It in Me. The Healer acknowledges that Light is in everyone he or she encounters. Therefore Love is the Way to Power. What the healer is doing is realizing his or her Identity as being shared by all Creation.

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Blogger Layla Anwar said...

What a wonderful site, I have bookmarked it and am planning to read it on a regular basis and will give you some of my thoughts. It feels like the work of a pure soul. Thank you.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I hope you continue to blog.

One question: how will you deal with those intent in destroying the world considering that the Light is in them too? What can be done with people who believe in their superiority to others and therefore treat them as non-beings? What can be done with them while they learn the Truth?

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful and educating writings.

They also confirmed my worst thoughs on the current world state.

It would be a blessing if you could elaborate more on the topic of prayers, a subject I would like to learn more.

I also read you cured a patient from AIDS. One of my friends is also suffering a lot from this disease since two years now. He is a wonderful soul having helping other patients during twenty years.
Is there something you can do for him ?



4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, your work has been both stimullating and inspiring.

Peace and love
Zaid Yusoff

10:08 PM  

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