Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Impeach Cheney and Bush and Stop WW III

A good way to break into the mainstream media with 9-11 Truth and our plans to impeach Cheney and Bush would be a 60 second commercial played as part of a local congressional campaign with national implications (i.e. the Pelosi Sheehan race here in San Francisco.) What we would do is to go to and get a few of the clips of WTC Tower 7 collapsing in 6.5 seconds. Then we have a voice over explaining that Tower 7 collapsed in 6.5 seconds despite the fact that it was not hit by a plane on 9-11.

The narrator can point out that the video reveals there obviously was no fire sufficient to cause the collapse and that the smoke was coming from the buildings behind it. The narrator can also say that steel might begin to melt at 2,000 degrees but that before the fire got to 2,000 degrees it would have gotten to 900 degrees which would have popped out all the windows. But not one was melted. Not one window was out of place. Tower 7 was obviously brought down by a controlled demolition and not by a fire. This demands a Congressional inquiry and any congress person opposed to a real investigation is just part of the cover up. This could be posted on YouTube and everywhere else and used by anyone who wants to run for Congress, Senate or even President. It could be up and running on the Internet within a week. We allowed the Warren Commision to lie to us about the Kennedy assassination but we will accept no more lies.

I have an idea for a second commercial and it zeroes in on the corruption of both political parties and reveals specific reasons for impeaching Dick Cheney. This commercial would appeal to the Republican base and would expose Cheney's role in the conspiracy against the Pentagon on 9-11. We begin the second commercial with the admission by Donald Rumsfeld on 9-10-2001 to CBS News that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending. On 9-11-2001 Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations , Robert Andrews -the top civilian official in charge of special operations under Secretary of Defense - was going to the Counter Terrorism Center in the Pentagon when he saw and heard a bomb explode destroying the center and killing 40 of 41 auditors next door. These 41 military officers were attempting to trace the 2.3 trillion dollars in missing money. Please remember that this deadly explosion happened 3 1/2 minutes before the plane hit the Pentagon!! This would indicate to me that the primary target was the auditors. The plane that hit the Pentagon was originally on course to hit Donald Rumsfeld's office, but did a 270 degree turn and a power dive to avoid hitting the Pentagon brass so it could take out the people examining the books.

Auditing procedures in all federal departments are nonexistent so that billions of dollars can be stolen by Wall Street approved elites who are allowed to plunder billions of dollars a week under both Republican and Democratic administrations in almost all departments even including Social Security. This explains why Republicans participated in the cover up of the Kennedy asssassination and Democrats with the exception of Max Cleland covered up the Truth of 9-11. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read and the Deputy Secretary of HUD in the first Bush administration, said she once found one block in San Diego that had 10 HUD guaranteed loans on buildings that never existed.

Dick Cheney was the one who on 9-11 refused permission to the DOD to shoot down Flight 77 which is alleged to have struck the Pentagon despite Rumsfeld's admission that Flight 93 had been shot down precisely so it could not strike it's intended target in Washington D.C. It is very likely that Cheney needed a plane to hit the Pentagon to cover up the bomb that destroyed the CTC and killed 40 auditors next door. That makes Dick Cheney a party to murder and treason which are capital offenses. If there is time the narrator could point out that according to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology there was no Arab DNA on Flight 77.

As soon as one or both of these commercials hit YouTube, we can encourage an army of unemployed to go into busines for themselves selling Impeach Bush and Impeach Cheney tee-shirts. They would need a portable TV with a tape of the commercials on continuous play. Hopefully, they will stick to safe areas where the police will not beat them up. Any TV station that refuses to play our commercials will have complaints filed against them with the FCC. Candidate commercials are supposed to be allowed on the public air waves.

This is both an educational campaign and an incendiary to spark a nonviolent revolt against the Establishment. It will also protect us against any future "terrorist events" staged by our oppressors in Washington.

I would also like to revive an old idea I had for getting out the Truth about 9-11. We could have actors read eyewitness testimony of men and women who saw and heard bombs go off before the planes hit their targets. Men like Robert Andrews the former Green Beret officer is a credible witness. His testimony could be read by an actor in 60 seconds and placed on YouTube for wider circulation. Other witness testimonies could be read into 60 second video clips also to be posted on YouTube.

Be of Good Cheer. The End is Nigh.



Catherine Austin Fitts has done a lot of work on the theft of taxpayer's money through intentionally unaudited federal government contracts. You can read more about her work here:

The best site forpeople new to the 911 Truth movement is

If you want to recommend another good place for a novice to start, then point to this site:

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The testimony of the janitor who survived the bomb blasts in the sub-basement can be found here:

You can read an excellent article that explains the impossiblity of the WTC collapse was anything other than a controlled demolition. Go here:


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