Monday, July 23, 2007

Save America: Ask A Question

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted to CBS News that he was unable to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense (DOD) spending. On 9-11-2001 Robert Andrews, the Acting Asst. Director of the DOD went to the Counter Terrorism Center (CTC) after the Twin Towers had been attacked in New York. Just as he arrived, the CTC was destroyed by a bomb that also killed 40 of 41 military officers who were auditing the DOD books attempting to recover public taxpayer monies lost by what appears to be intentionally bad record keeping by the Pentagon. Robert Andrews is a former Green Beret and was in charge of Special Operations for the military on 9-11. He knows what a bomb is. He smelled the cordite. He also tells us that this bomb was detonated 3 1/2 minutes before the plane struck the building. Flight 77 was the plane alleged by the Bush administration and the bi-partisan 9-11 Commission to have hit the Pentagon on 9-11.

Back during the Reagan administration the Grace Commission issued a report saying that we could save one hundred billion dollars a year if we audited federal spending but to date we still cannot say where our money is going because the Congress and the Senate under both Republican and Democrat control has steadfastly refused to require that the books be audited properly. Currently, we could save at least 200 billion dollars a year. Is there widespread criminal fraud in federal spending? Yes. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner of Dillon Read who served as Deputy Director of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) under Bush I, once found one block in San Diego that had 10 loans from HUD on buildings that never existed and didn't even have postal addresses. In 2000 Susan Gaffney, Inspector General in the Clinton HUD administration, admitted to the Senate that she had to write off 79 billion dollars in bad loans for her department over the previous two years. When the Senators asked what she did to recover the 79 billion dollars, Gaffney said, "Nothing." She said she just adjusted the books.

Indira Singh who is attempting to publish her book, 911 Blueprint for Terror, said that "they" are even stealing from Social Security. Wouldn't you like to have one million social security checks deposited to your bank account every month? Fitts says that this stolen money is used to launder drugs and is invested overseas in commodities and foreign currencies so that when the dollar collapses, Wall Street can buy America for pennies on the dollar. Any congressman or Senator who refuses to enact auditing procedures so our "betters" can steal four billion dollars a week deserves to be defeated at their next election no matter what else they promise. Most congressmen are in safe districts so it is best to run an honest candidate in the primaries.

On 9-11 "our betters" crossed the line from looting the Treasury to treason and homicide. They murdered innocent auditors who were attempting to recover stolen monies that could have gone to health care, to education, to pensions and to balance the budget. That bomb was deliberately placed in a position to kill the auditors at a time when "our betters" knew that the Pentagon was to be struck by a plane. That is murder. And that is treason. The bi-partisan 9-11 Commission refused to investigate the evidence and acted to cover up treason and murder just as the Warren Commission had covered up the assassination of President Kennedy.

One crucial piece of evidence ignored by the 911 Commission was the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7. WTC 7 was never struck by a plane on 9-11 yet it collapsed straight down in 6.5 seconds. We can look at the collapse videos on and see that the building did not collapse due to fire. It is true that steel melts at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheidt, but before the fire gets to 2,000 degrees it gets to 900 degrees. At that temperature the windows should have popped out. You can look at the videos from different angles and not see even one window out of place. WTC 7 was obviously taken down by a controlled demolition with the bombs put in place prior to 9-11-2001.

What other evidence have they ignored? To date the Bush administration has refused to release any proof that the alleged 19 hijackers had either tickets or boarding passes. They have refused to release any surveillance videos of the 19 men boarding even one of the four planes. Also the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology tested the remains of what was alleged to be Flight 77 and found no Arab DNA. None. So where did the alleged hijackers go after they crashed their plane into the Pentagon at 400 m.p.h.?

Flight 77 was amazing. It was originally on course to hit the offices of the Pentagon's top brass including Donald Rumsfeld. But it took a 270-degree turn and came in at tree top level where it could conveniently destroy the evidence of the murder of 40 military auditors. But there is one crucial piece of evidence that links Dick Cheney to both treason and murder. On 9-11-2001 he was in a command center with then Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta. Mineta said a young man came into the room every few minutes saying 30 minutes out and then 25 minutes out and asking if the order still stands. Each time Cheney said, "Yes. The order still stands." It was not until later that Secretary Mineta learned that this conversation was about Cheney's decision to deny the military permission to shoot down Flight 77. Donald Rumsfeld later indicated that a military plane had shot down Flight 93. So why the difference in response to the two flights? I would say that there is sufficient evidence to indict or to impeach Dick Cheney, because he acted to cover up the bombing of the Pentagon on 9-11 by allowing Flight 77 to hit its target, the men and women auditing the books at the DOD.

I have refused to engage in speculation about any aspects of 9-11, because I want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible to argue for criminal investigations of Dick Cheney and 9-11. I believe that his impeachment will lead to the impeachment of President Bush and the indictment of many others. The attack on the WTC and the Pentagon was used to propel America into two wars. If we do nothing, we can very likely expect another conflict before the end of the Bush term in 2009. Bush and Cheney could launch World War III.

The news media, Congress and the Senate should all be regarded as un-indicted co-conspirators until they support both impeachment and criminal investigations into 9-11. Your congressman can say that he delivers a lot of goodies to your district. But, if you divide 200 billion dollars a year by 435, you will get the exact cost to each congressional district for failure to enact auditing of federal spending. That does not include the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan nor the next war against Iran. This is a far greater cost than the benefits your congressman can bestow personally upon you.

The lies have to stop now. We must continue our struggle until we either have an honest government or we join one another in Guantanamo for criticizing our "betters."

What I propose is the following: Ask A Question. The next time a candidate for President, Congress or the Senate campaigns in your town ask a question they cannot answer but that the audience will want answered. Hopefully, the question and answer will be videotaped for the Internet. The following are questions I would like answered:

To all Senators and Congressmen campaigning for President. In Reagan's first term the Grace Commission said we could save 100 billion dollars a year if we simply audited federal spending like any other business. With inflation and today's budget that figure would easily be over 200 billion dollars a year or more than 4 billion dollars a week. Yet no administration or congress, Republican or Democrat, has bothered to implement auditing of federal spending? Can you tell us what you have done before today to prevent our "betters" from stealing more than 4 billion dollars a week from us? If you have not done anything to require auditing to date, would you suspend you campaign for the presidency until the Congress and the Senate pass legislation requiring auditing?

Ms. Pelosi, I want to donate $100,000 to your re-election campaign. I don't have that much money on me, but I could raise it very quickly. In the last year of the Clinton administration Susan Gaffney, the Inspector General at HUD, admitted to Congress that she had to write $59.6 billion off the books. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, said she found one block in San Diego with 10 HUD guaranteed loans on buildings that never existed and did not even have postal addresses. Would you give me a $2.1 million dollar loan on a building that does not exist? That way I could give you a substantial campaign contribution. Those spoil sports at the Grace Commission in 1981 said we should audit the federal books and save $100 billion dollars a year. With inflation and today's budget that is more than $200 billion dollars a year or more than $4 billion a week. Yeah, I know that $200 billion is enough to give us National Health Care, but the Congress and Senate have decided to stall auditing the books for another decade or two. That is fine with me because $2 million will buy me all the medical care I need. I figure you and Senator Reid don't want to audit the books, because you want your friends on Wall Street to continue to skim the Treasury just like the Clintons and the Bushies did on their watch. That is okay as long as I get my fair share. So will you please loan me a few million on an apartment building that does not exist? If you won't help me, can you put in a good word with Senator Reid? Or maybe you could get be a contract supplying body armor for our troops in Iraq?

Mr. Edwards, I have a two part question. When you attended your first Bilderberg Society meeting in 2004, the NY Times said that this powerful elite group liked your answers. Please tell us what questions did your fellow Bilderbergers ask you? And what were your answers?

Mrs. Clinton, you are a Bilderberger. In 2000 you were co-president of the USA. Susan Gaffney, the Inspector General of your husband's HUD department, told the Senate 79 billion dollars in bad loans had to be written off in the last 2 years of the Clinton administration. Catherine Austin Fitts once found one block in San Diego with 10 HUD loans for buildings that never existed and never even had postal addresses. Your administration never asked for any of this fraudulently acquired money to be returned. Would you ask your fellow Bilderbergers if they know who stole this money? And also would you have your fellow Bilderbergers ask the perpetrators to cease and to desist from stealing over 4 billion dollars a week from taxpayers so we could have national health care?

Mr. Thompson. You are a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR wants to end American sovereignty in 2010 by forming a North American Union with Canada and Mexico. My question is twofold: Do you want to end American sovereignty in 2010? If not, would you quit the CFR and pledge here and now to not appoint any members of either the CFR or the Bilderberg Society to your administration? Would you pledge to refuse their campaign contributions? If I may ask another question, the CFR represents Wall Street. Do you think that they selected 2010 to end American sovereignty because they expect the dollar to collapse in 2009 causing a depression far worse than 1929?

Mr. Giuliani. On 9-11-2001 you were in New York City and most likely saw World Trade Center Tower 7 collapse in 6.5 seconds. We can all see collapse videos of Tower 7 at www.WTC7 net. Tower 7 was a 47 story building. It was never hit by a plane. We can see in the videos that none of the windows were melted by fire. We can see the smoke came from Towers 1 and 8 which were nearby. So how do you explain the collapse of Tower 7 at nearly free fall speed except by controlled demolition? Don't you think it is obvious that the people who planted bombs inside Tower 7 were also responsible for the attack on Towers 1 and 2? Would you support a criminal investigation into 9-11? If not, why not?

To all members of Congress. You have the right to indict (impeach) Dick Cheney. And to the members of the bi-partisan 9-11 Commission: Please answer the questions above I would like to ask Rudy.

Mr. Obama, we are currently occupying two Muslim nations, Iraq and Afghanistan. Things are not going well there for our men and women in uniform. Yet you have said we ought to invade Pakistan to search for Osama bin Laden. Never mind that he died in December of 2001. Do you think it is wise to invade a third Muslim nation while our troops are in harms way in two others? You have also talked in the past about attacking Iran by aerial bombardment for the benefit of Israel. Syria is an ally of Iran. Do you think it wise for America to be at war simultaneously with five Muslim nations? There are those of us who believe we are at war with the Mideast solely for the benefit of Israel. Would you refuse to accept all campaign contributions from Zionists until you can honestly broker a lasting peace in that troubled region?

The above question can be asked with modifications of all Preidential candidates with the exceptions of Ron Paul, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich.

To all Presidential, Senatorial and Congressional candidates: There is a computer program called Community Wizard which is currently bottled up by the Department of Justice. That program would allow private citizens to input their zip code and get a print out of all federal spending in their neighborhood. That is how one man in upstate New York whose town never had a flood in the last 120 years discovered the federal government paid out 4 million dolars in flood relief in just one year. And that for a town that never, ever had a flood. People will be able to input their zip code and see HUD loans on buildings that never existed and don't even have postal addresses. Private citizens could save us billions of dollars a week allowing the government to spend the money saved to pay for programs that will benefit taxpayers and not numbered Swiss bank accounts. Would you support reconstruction of the Community Wizard program and its release to the general public? If not, why not?

Be of Good Cheer. The End is Nigh.

Please feel free to add your questions by commenting on this article.

P.S. This is normally my more spiritually oriented blog, but we are in a crisis and I will start posting my spiritual writings as soon as I get further along in the current rather interesting transformation I am undergoing.


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