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Treat A Woman As An End Not As A Means To An End

I have taken the liberty to re-formulate one of the several versions of Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative by substituting the word woman for man. I think this will have profound implications in relations not only between Men and Women but also in the way Women treat other Women.

And of course a woman must apply this to her life and see herself as an end and not as a means to an end either for herself or for others.

My revised formulation is this:

Act always to treat a woman as an end and never as a means to an end.

Boring Philosophical Stuff: There were later and earlier formulations of the Categorical Imperative. There first was: Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law. The final formulation was more like this: Therefore, every rational being must so act as if he were through his maxim always a legislating member in the universal kingdom of ends. I revised Kant’s second formulation which actually was my favorite. All three are found in his Groundwork for the Metaphysic of Morals. Yes. I confess to being a neo-Kantian. Reading the Critique of Pure Reason was one of the most electrifying intellectual moments of my life.

Not being a woman I decided not to write concerning the implications of our new maxim for the way a woman must treat herself as an end and never as a means to an end. Nor do I feel inclined to write about the implications for the ways in which one woman should treat another woman as an end and not as a means.

I am a romantic and a spiritually oriented person so not everyone will appreciate the following interpretations which reflect my personal views. I should explain that the practice of my religion requires the willingness to think. One day when I was a child, I read I John Chapter 3 in the Bible ‘When we see hum (Jesus), we will be like him. I instantly knew the logically equivalent statement ‘You will not see him until you are like him’ was also true. I had proven that religion was about transformation and not waiting around for some magical belief to work itself out at the end of the age. My teacher later told me that some friends of hers who studied logic told her what I had done was to independently find a contrapositive.

What I want to do is to give advice to men as to why a man would want to always act as if the love of his life were an end and not a means to an end. This will benefit men as much as it does women because relationship failure and divorce are very expensive and to be avoided.

I would like to begin with a romantic’s argument that I would always want to pay a higher price for a woman than a lower price. In economics Value Theory says we place a value on every transaction by how much we are willing to surrender for the transaction to occur. In romance a man must surrender time and effort to have a relationship with a woman. I should also say that as an economist and a romantic I have previously defined a kiss as a fundamental unit of social exchange or a kind of currency in which we measure interactions between men and women. I occasionally give advice to boys and girls not quite old enough to date. I begin by saying that I started studying the Transmission of Love when I was 11 years-old. To the young boys I say you will need to transmit as much love as possible in both the first kiss and in any subsequent kisses. To the girls I say they must spend their lives avoiding men who cannot transmit love. In the vernacular I would say this: ‘Two kisses and a bottle of beer ain’t going to make it.’

My study of the Transmission of Love began due to my inherent orientation towards Romance, Love and Spirit. What had happened was that earlier that day I felt compelled to arrest a 13 year-old girl for the crime of unhappiness. The word arrest I later learned in French class meant stop. She was miserable and told me her life was over at age 13 because she was not pretty enough to ever be loved. I instinctively touched her and kissed her telling her that I was the one who determined whether or not she was pretty enough for me to love her. I told her that she did not have the right to tell me I could not love her. Her only right was to tell me she either wanted someone else to love her or to be left alone.

I remember reading Socrates in high school. In the Banquet he said that the Beautiful is that which we adore or love. Women need to understand that Love creates Beauty. One of a man’s functions is to use Romance to induce feelings of Love and Beauty in his woman. Women function on feeling and do not do their best until they make contact with Love. Of course this fact also applies to men as well.

I remember a study from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in which academics had files on students from the toughest schools who had been determined would fail. 25 years later college students were told to see what happened to these men.

Surprisingly, these men were still alive so the students were sent out to interview them. The second surprise was that these men who had been close to either getting killed or doing ten or twenty years in prison were all relatively successful. When the students asked these men what happened to change their lives, they all said the same thing: ‘Things were looking bad for me until I met a teacher named Hannah. She looked into my eyes and said she loved me and expected more from me. I could tell when I looked into her eyes that she did love me.’

Returning back to the study of the Transmission of Love: As I said, later that night after having arrested a girl for the crime of unhappiness, I began my study of the Transmission of Love. When I was older, I defined Love as the Realization of Oneness. At that time, I relied upon a definition of God which I had made a couple of years earlier. I had defined God as my Mind at its deepest level. I had asked my teacher to define the word consciousness. But instantly I remembered a line from an old movie my mother had watched on TV ‘Not that I am consciously aware.’ I answered my own question and said consciousness was an ability to be aware. What had upset me enough to talk to my teacher in class was an argument I had read from an atheist who had said he had never seen God.

My answer was that God could never be seen because He was Consciousness or what we saw with. I went on to say that God as Spirit was a level of Consciousness where there was no ego and no illusion of a subject object split. God as Consciousness was both Object or what we saw and Subject or what we saw with. I concluded that God was my mind at its deepest level and that through His Consciousness I was connected to every other being in the world though at the time I said person and animal.

This previous insight served me well in the study of the Transmission of Love. I decided that I needed to Transmit as much Love as possible as Love was about all that ever would persuade a woman to accept my logical arguments. Love is easy to manifest because God is my mind at it s deepest level. I reasoned correctly I had an Infinite amount of Love to Transmit. I also concluded that I was not a separate person from the woman I wanted to love.

Even after a man understands the basic Principles of the Transmission of Love, he will still need some practical advice in its application. It is for practical reasons that I want to pay a higher price for a woman than a lower one.

Upon starting a new relationship the first thing a man must do is to discover what a woman thinks of herself. Does she value her Self? Does she think she is pretty? I have rarely loved a woman who thought she was as pretty as I did.

What I would recommend that you propose to her is that she be loved by you until she feels as pretty as you think she is. This is filed under the principle that she always ought to be as happy as the man who loves her thinks she should be and not as miserable as she thinks she ought to be.

The complete argument as to why a woman ought to spend every day being as happy as she can possibly be must rely upon an understanding of my definition of God. God is her mind at its deepest level. Women ought to manifest the Feminine aspects of the Mind of God better than a man would. These Feminine Qualities are Love, Joy, Peace and Beauty.

I always tell women and young girls that it is an honor and a privilege to be born in a female body. I have always tried to look at the world from God’s point of view rather than man’s. For example, I believe time and space are ideas and not real things outside of us. Ideas exist solely inside the minds that think them. In the case at hand I would tell a woman that she was created for the same purpose as all women which is to make this world a better place by radiating the Feminine Qualities of God. Women are here to radiate Love, Beauty, Joy and Peace. If a woman is the first female to work at a particular company, her presence ought to make it a better place to be.

A woman will gladly accept any help her man gives her to fulfill her destiny. I would not hesitate to tell a woman that it is unlawful for her to be unkissed, untouched, unloved, unhappy or unappreciated. If she is in a good mood and receptive to the romantic spirit, you might try this: Tell her that is unlawful for a woman to walk when there is a man who loves her and wants to carry her. Though this does not exactly follow from the maxim that we ought to treat a woman an an end and not a means.

It should be made perfectly clear that setting a material goal does not apply to treating a woman as an end and not a means. Materialists would reduce men and women to a lessor lessee relationship. I would prefer to regard it as a kiss-or kiss-e relationship.

I added that part about it being unlawful for a woman to lead an unappreciated life specifically because as a romantic I want increase a woman’s value. To depreciate a woman’s worth would be the opposite of a proper appreciation of her value. Who would want a woman who has no value and requires little romantic effort from her man?

By setting the goals of a relationship at the outset, I have determined what I want to happen. By persuading her that I have a higher opinion of her than she does of herself, I have nearly guaranteed that she will accept my plans for her which is that she lives the best possible life she can. She is never to be unkissed, untouched, unloved, unhappy or unappreciated.

To Sum Up: Men and women are spiritual as well as social beings. The fundamental unit of exchange between a man and a woman is a kiss. The man must maximize the value of the kisses he gives a woman by understanding the Transmission of Love.

God is his mind at its deepest level. God is Spirit and is beyond the level of the ego. This means that if a man is in ego he is not functioning at his best. The same could be said for a woman. Men at that lower ego level will not transmit much love and will likely fail to use a kiss to logically convince a woman of anything at all. The other point that must be understood in the Transmission of Love is that God does not see Himself as separate from what He sees so in His Mind there is no separation between Subject and Object. Neither should there be any separation between the spiritual goals of a man and a woman. A man should always be acting for the fulfillment of his woman’s goal which is to manifest the Feminine Qualities of Love, Joy, Beauty and Peace.

The goal of a romantic relationship is that a man and woman merge their souls by achieving what I have called the Shared Level of Being. This is a state where neither the man nor woman is thinking with an ego. They have joined together through a Shared Experience of Life. This is possible because there is but One Life. Ideally, this state should be achieved prior to an earthly marriage. Usually women can more easily be induced into experiencing this Shared Level of Being through romance than can a man.

As a practical matter, a man ought to tell a woman that if she does marry a man after experiencing this previously unknown level of Reality with him, she is not allowed to leave or to die.

I would hope this essay begins a discussion of what we can do to elevate the relationships of men and women as well as the relationships women have with each other. Perhaps some women could write on what a women could do to treat herself as an end and not as a means to an end. Other women might want to write about applying this maxim of treating a woman as an end from a woman’s point of view.

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Off The Grid

I have decided to reduce my Internet presence and suspend blogging for awhile. Everyone has all the information they need to change the world. As I wrote in my last post, we are facing global change and sooner rather than later.

I think it is time for me to step away from the computer and to set aside more time for my personal life which I have hinted at on this blog. I also need to get back to my regular exercise routine and to do more volunteer work.

I am up to 400 pushups a day.

If anyone wants either to publish a daily blog of news that has escaped the mainstream press or just to find better news sites I will give you the sources I have used for 90% of my stories. You can view my news blog Almost 117 days by clicking on my profile to the right. My collection of essays are published at Opening Mind which is also found by clicking on my profile.
This is a great website but a lot of stories do not make it to the main page so I always start at the shared stories contributed by subscribers. This site is trendy and gives a lot of inside info on money. He is difficult for the novice to follow as he uses a lot of acronyms and undefined terms. But you must understand banking to understand how the elite steals your money. Max is funny and is an easier introduction to money. He has videos and audios plus links to some major news stories. He is a liberal and does not understand America. He also does not tell you how our Federal Reserve system was designed to impoverish you. For that you need the following refernce article.

The Counterfeiters You can find this in my March 2009 archives at You can use this to introduce banking as a fraud to the novice. I compare the FED to a counterfeiter who has the right to pass counterfeit money provided he only loans the money to someone.
This website does a good job of getting out anti-Zionist news.
This is a good site for Palestinian news.
This is a research site on Zionism. It also has news links and an audio broadcast every couple of weeks.
Lately I have been listening to Bob Chapman's latest radio interviews which are all posted here so you don't have to go looking for him all over the Internet.
This is Catherine Austin Fitts' blog. She posts some new links and articles. She is the one who has done the most research on Wall Street's divine right to steal billions of dollars every week from federal spending you peasants are not allowed to audit. That link is here.

Guns and Butter is here on Wednesday at 1pm California time KPFA has been acting more like a Gatekeeper for the Zionists of late so their donations are down but I respect Bonnie Faulkner even if she is a socialist. This website releases Emergency Unemployment Compensation figures once a week. Click on the press release with this title. ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report. EUC benefits are minimal and granted to those who have timed out on regular benefits. Scroll down about ten paragraphs until you see the words States reported. I used it to report that EUC claimants had grown 425% in 12 months. You need to understand how government manipulates statistics to lie to you. It is a subscription site with a lot af free information. This is Mish Shedlock's blog. It is a great website for news and analysis. I disagree with him. He is a deflationist. I believe we are in for a terrifying round of inflation as soon as the dollar collapses.
This is Karl Denninger's blog. He also is a good analyst.
This website has some good interviews once a week. Matt Drudge is a Jewish Republican. His site is not as useful as it once was but I still go there daily for breaking news. Once a day I look at the front page of this newspaper then I click on Finance and then on Comments. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard told us about the Beijing put in his column. It is the intention of the Chinese government to buy gold if it ever drops below $1,000 an ounce. That and the recent purchases of IMF gold by India has set the gold market ablaze. This is an Internet radio broadcaster. They carry Alex Jones, Mike Rivero ( and Webster Tarpley. Tarpley is on once a week on Saturday. He understand politics and economics but he does not not know how to solve problems as he is a socialist and wildly underestimates the influence of the Zionists. He is the one who first mentioned that Wall Street might want to run General David Petraeus for Presidnet in 2012. Like Eisenhower he is of Jewish descent. If he is elected, he will end democracy and sovereignty in America. I should warn you that Tarpley gets carried away sometimes. This is Jeff Rense's website. It is under web attack from Zionists more than any other site on the Internet. or three times a week this man has a great analysis of the real world that faces the average man and woman.
This man posts a lot of links related to war and Mideast news from a conservative anti-war point of view. He gets carried away talking about Iran and germ warfare, but he does follow the Ukrainian flu which was engineered in a laboratory and could sweep the world some time in 2010. Use this site to introduce new people to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. Use this website to tell people that Mordechai Vanunu told us that Israel killed JFK.
This is Chris Bollyn's website. He is the bravest and most persecuted reporter in America.

If you have a favorite news website please feel free to add it in a comment as long as it is not racist. Opposition to Zionism is not racism. It is attempt to save the world from a diseased form of thinking that has brought the world to the brink of extinction.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When America Ceases To Be Good

America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.
Alexis de Tocqueville

Is America a Good Nation? Is she a Great Nation? Let's examine the evidence. Of late to quickly reveal the hearts of America's leaders I tell people about World War I's Belgian War Relief. During the Great War, the citizens on the home front were extolled to donate to help the widows and orphans of war weary Belgium. The British loaded food and other supplies onto railroad cars in Belgium and sent them across no man's land into German occupied territory to feed the soldiers who were killing British husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. Britain lost 750,000 during the war. Several times that many died after the war from wounds they received during the war. All of them were killed by enemy soldiers who had been fed by the Allied leaders and their favorite charity, Belgian War Relief.

America's leaders knew that the Great War would have ended in 1915 or 1916 if Wall Street had not promised that America would enter the war. In fact America entered World War I precisely so the war would last longer and kill even more people than it otherwise would have. Our leaders made no demand that Belgian War Relief be discontinued prior to U.S. entry to protect our troops in the trenches. Nor did they demand that the British stop the flow of other war materiel through Sweden, Spain and Portugal. What the allies did demand was that the war continue until a Jewish Communist dictatorship was established in Russia and a Jewish colony was created in Palestine. That 60,000,000 human beings were killed in the Soviet Union was of no concern to our leaders. That 35,000 Americans died during World War I and more than 8,000 were blinded did not bother them. That another 100,000 American soldiers died from their wounds before Armistice Day in 1928 does not merit a footnote in their writings. They are not concerned about us. I have always wondered why we care for those who do not care for us.

So I now ask you, does a Good Nation kill tens of millions of innocent people on a whim? And even if we are a Good People how long will we continue to have a Great Nation with leaders like ours?

More recently we went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction and no ties with Al Qaeda. In fact they were enemies. All of this was known before the invasion. Yet the controlled news media did not share these facts with us until after the occupation had become a disaster. So why are we killing so many innocent people and sacrificing the lives of so many of our young soldiers and marines? Bear with me a minute as we go back in time to 4-19-1995 to shed light on 9-11 the event that first galvanized the public to support the “War on Terror.”

On 4-19-1995 morning a 52 year-old woman was in the Social Security office in the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City when she looked out the window and saw a man she later learned was Timothy McVeigh get out of a yellow Ryder truck and walk across the street. About half a minute later she saw a second man get out of the same truck and walk away. Then a bomb exploded, the building collapsed and she lost her leg. Nineteen people saw McVeigh with another man that morning and the day before. None of these witnesses were called to place McVeigh at the scene of the greatest crime in modern American history until 9-11. 168 people were killed that day including 19 children in the daycare center. Why would the Department of Justice (DOJ) not call eye witnesses unless they needed to protect the man who actually did light the fuse? The FBI and DOJ both acted to protect the man who left the Ryder truck after McVeigh and therefore was most likely to have lit the fuse to the truck bomb.

Many different sources and witnesses have traced the plot to destroy the Oklahoma City federal building to Elohim City, a supposed right wing extremist compound in northeast Oklahoma. Two weeks prior to the bombing there was a meeting held at that compound. Court records redacted the name of one participant. It only identified him as being from Morris Dees's Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which has often run infiltration programs in behalf of the FBI and Department of Justice. The other two participants were Robert Millar, a Canadian Jewish psychologist, and Andreas Strassmeir, a German Jewish man who had served as an intelligence officer in the German Army. The Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco agents in Oklahoma City were outside the Murrah building in combat gear all night long on the night of the 18th and into the morning of the 19th. None of the BATF agents were inside when the bomb detonated. Nor were any of their children in the daycare center. The only BATF employee inside the building was the woman who answered the phones until the building collapsed.

The FBI said on 4-19-1995 that the Ryder truck contained a 1,200 pound fertilizer bomb parked 40 feet from the building and was the sole cause of the collapse. The next day the the size of the bomb was upgraded to 4,200 pounds and then to 5,200 pounds, but the FBI claimed it was still this one bomb that took down the Murrah building. General Ben Partin who was in charge of ordnance (i.e. bombs) for the U.S. Air Force issued a report immediately after the bombing giving compelling evidence that the truck bomb did not take down the Murrah building. He pointed out that interior columns were taken out and that columns between the Ryder truck and those interior columns were left in tact. This is not possible scientifically so the FBI and the DOJ lied. The Congress and the Senate were given individual copies of the Partin report. Not one Senator began a filibuster to stop all voting until the FBI told the truth. Not one congressman refused to vote for any appropriations in the House until the DOJ told the truth. Ask yourself this question: Do Great Nations allow the government to protect the persons who set off bombs inside a building that killed 168 of its own citizens including 19 children age five and under?

Let's revisit 9-11-2001. On that morning bombs went off inside both the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center even before the two planes struck. There were multiple witnesses to this fact. And we also have multiple witnesses to a bomb that was detonated 3 ½ minutes prior to Flight 77 striking the Pentagon. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted to a press conference on 9-10-2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars (That's trillions not billions) in Department of Defense spending. Flight 77 was originally headed towards Rumsfeld's office until it took a 270 degree turn and came in at 400 plus mph barely 20 feet above ground and hit in the exact same area where a bomb had already killed 40 military auditors who were attempting to trace those missing trillions.

I do not want to dwell at length on 9-11. But WTC Tower 7 which was not struck by a plane also collapsed that day. The BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 some 20 minutes before it happened. It collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Videos of the building reveal that there were no fires hot enough to melt the glass windows. This means the temperature inside the building was below 800 to 900 degrees and was therefore not hot enough to melt steel. Let me describe how a controlled demolition works so you will understand what really happened. You place thermite or better yet thermate which are cutting agents at 45 degree angles adjacent to each of the girders every two floors. If you are not familiar with thermate you can look it up at Wikipedia. It is a cutting agent that burns at 4,800 degrees and melts steel in seconds. You would also need to place detonation charges to bring down the building and to attach wires running from the cutting agents and the bombs to a central control computer. The bombs and cutting agents have to go off in the proper order so that one floor is not left intact and does not resist the collapsing floors above it. If each successive floor resists the fall of the floors, it could take 100 seconds for a building to collapse and even then you could not guarantee that it would fall straight down. This is called the pancake effect and can take up to 100 seconds to complete. The persons who took down the WTC on 9-11 successfully took out all of the support columns on all of the floors simultaneously. And they did that three times in one day without alerting either the national news media or the DOJ and FBI.

I have been asking friends to look at the lists of passengers and crew of the 4 “hijacked” planes. There were no Arabs seen on the surveillance videos seen boarding the planes. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology found no Arab DNA on Flight 77 which the government alleged is what put that big hole in the side of the Pentagon on 9-11. There were no Arabs on any of the 4 planes. So how did the 19 Arabs hijack 4 planes if they were not on board even one of them? Nobody in either the news media or the Congress has demanded the Bush administration prove how the hijacking occurred or was even possible.

I now ask you this question: Do Good Nations blow up buildings with thousands of their citizens inside in order to scare the general population into declaring war on an innocent nation and kill more than 1,000,000 people during a senseless occupation? Can America still be considered Great? It certainly is no longer Good.

Currently the leaders of both political parties have approved the use of Depleted Uranium. It was used by Clinton in his Kosovo campaign and in Iraq in his air strikes to enforce the no-fly zone. Depleted Uranium is twice as heavy as lead so it can penetrate an enemy tank. It is pyrophoric meaning it bursts into flames and cooks the occupants. It is radioactive so it irradiates the bad guys, induces cancer in them and gives birth defects to their unborn children too. The fly in the ointment is that DU after it goes pyrophoric is converted into particles less than one micron in size which means they can become permanently airborne and do the same to our soldiers and marines as they did to our enemies. In fact even support military personnel and our allies in neighboring countries are exposed. DU can also get into the soil and water. The half-life of Depleted Uranium is 4.5 billion years so we are poisoning the planet for a very long time. Do Great Nations poison future generations including the unborn children of their own soldiers? I say No, but the leaders of both political parties continue to kill those who have volunteered to defend their country.

Thousands of tons of Depleted Uranium were dropped on Iraq and Afghanistan in order, I believe, to destroy those nations and to set an example to any country that refuses to bow to the joint will of the United States and Israel.

So why are we still in Iraq? Does anything about the Iraq war make sense? The occupation is a terror generator and is not a valid part of the alleged war against terror. I believe that the people who killed the military auditors at the Pentagon, and took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 in controlled demolitions wanted us to destroy Iraq and Iran. It is as if the perpetrators of 9-11 had the power to blow and whistle and announce “I want you to begin killing and to keep killing until I blow the whistle again to stop.” They have not yet blown the whistle the second time to tell us we can stop killing and dying. Our leaders want these current wars to continue for a reason.

As I said in my previous article, I believe that Bush has put 17,500 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf precisely so their ships can be sunk by Iran's Russian made anti-ship missiles after the Israelis strike Iran with American donated bunker busting nuclear weapons. Our self-appointed leaders are willing to sacrifice the lives of 17,500 sailors and marines just so they can start World War III. Great nations do not kill whenever the politicians and the media tells incredible lies. Everything we have been told about every war from 1914 to the invasion of Iraq has been a lie. How real were our wars when both sides had the same bankers? The only really true statement we can make about our wars is that we killed tens of millions of people and sacrificed the lives of our soldiers for nothing.

The American dollar is on the verge of total collapse. We are obviously being led to World War III at this time because our leaders do not expect America to survive as a sovereign nation for more than a year or two. They have stolen our government. They have sacrificed the lives of those men and women who enlisted in the military mistakenly thinking they are defending their country. Our leaders are insane. They will destroy America and the world.

We are just months away from a presidential election in which both major party candidates have promised to wage war against Iran which would launch World War III and destroy the world we knew.

America long ago ceased to be either Good or Great. We have one last chance in the coming year to do something Great as a people. We must reject all of their lies. We must reject all of their wars. We must no longer believe anything we see in their controlled press. We must realize there is no Opposition Party. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are war parties and were long ago bought and paid for by Wall Street and by the Zionists.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg Society and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have announced their plan to form a North American Union (NAU) merging America with Canada and Mexico by 2010. I see no reason why a nation that is neither Good nor Great should not surrender its sovereignty. Of course the citizens of the nation that used to be known as America might object to their new status as serfs on the Global Plantation. I know they will be angry when they discover that the coming hyperinflation will permanently cut their real after tax wages by 50% and their savings by 90%.

As I said in a previous essay, I believe America will soon have martial law. I have since made plans to leave America before it becomes a dictatorship. We have at least a few months left of relative freedom. I am fortunate to have a profession which can be practiced overseas.

I was born an American. I was born free. I loved the country I knew as a child. I will always be an American even though the country I loved could soon cease to exist. It is with great sadness that I announce my decision to leave my native land before it dies.

I am under no illusions about the nature of the people who think they own our government. They have declared unto themselves the new power of Extraordinary Rendition which means they believe they have the right to kidnap, imprison, torture, and even kill any person anywhere in the world. I want to leave this country not because I am foolish enough to think it will make me safe but because I can no longer justify being part of the Greatest Force for Evil in the twenty-first century.

[Authors Note: I wrote this in January and posted it on my other blog Http:// I am posting this now as we get closer to the resolution of this conflict and we approach the time when we could be imprisoned for resisting the Evil that is our government.]

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Healer

Who and What is a healer? Previously, I have said that everyone prays and prays all the time so the question should be: Why does one man's or woman's prayers lead to healing but another's does not?  What does he or she do, if anything at all, to release people from the prison of disease, pain and injury? Before proceeding further I should note that in America at least half of the healers are women. This is understandable because I am convinced that everyone can heal and be healed.

Very few healers and patients can explicitly tell us the whys and the hows of healing. I have read of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh healers. What is it that they all have in common that allows them to heal and would therefore would enable those who have never healed before to heal and be healed?

I revealed the answer to this question in my two previous essays. It is called the Vision of God and was first mentioned by the Catholics of the Middle Ages and is very compatible with Islam which believes in the Omnipresence of God.  God is Omnipresent so He cannot see the moon as an object apart from Himself as we imagine we do. So what He must be doing is simultaneously seeing and creating the moon.
Almost all religions teach that time is an illusion. Immanuel Kant in the Critique of Pure Reason said that God exists outside of time and space. He also said that time and space are ideas that we use to categorize our experience. I would just say that since time and space do not exist in the Real World where God is, the healer who dwells in the Presence of God is not limited by the laws of this world.

When I was a child, I remember telling my teacher that I thought it was funny that people didn't realize that subjects and objects always occurred together. I told her that they cannot occur apart. What we are doing is just focusing our attention on the object and then on the subject. If we accept the Vision of God as true, then there are startling revelations to be absorbed about how our minds and our vision actually work. Since there is no space and time in God's world, then how does He use His Vision to create the moon and enable us to perceive it in our world of time and space?

God created us as part of Himself. Because He sees the moon and we are part of Him we are able to see the moon and everything else He sees. I do not believe God created the moon once many years ago and then walked away from His creation. What I am saying is that He has created the moon with His Vision and continues to see it for as long as we need it. Relax. God is not about to make the moon disappear. He is not that cruel. He created us from Himself for a reason and is not about to make either us or our world disappear.

After telling my teacher that subjects and objects always occur together I said that what we are doing is literally creating what we are seeing. We share in God's Vision because we share in His Being. When I was a child, I defined God as my mind at it's deepest level. That is why everyone has the potential to heal and to be healed. When we go beyond the surface level of the mind and past the ego and past it's belief that we are separate from God and from each other, we enter the Realm of God or the Real World.

In the Real World there is no sickness and no strife. Often times the atheist will blame God for war and cancer. God did not create them. We did. And because we created sickness, misery and war it is in our power or rather the Power we share with God to end them.

There is a tendency in some metaphysical circles to blame the victim of a disease for having caused it by behaving badly in a past life. This blame is let loose with no proof other than an assumption. I do not speculate. I just heal. I assume that a lot of cancer is caused by the poor American diet which consists of MSG, Aspartame, carbonated beverages, sugar and trans fatty acids. It could also be that the sick believe in the law of averages. Think of a giant wheel of fortune with diseases and medical conditions written in place of the prizes. You spin and have a 33% chance of cancer. If your “number” comes up, you go to the hospital for radiation and chemotherapy. This is the price the ego would gladly have you pay for the it's continued existence. Fortunately, you are not an ego. You are spirit as God is and are therefore not subject to the law of averages.

The healer knows that his real home is in the Real World where there are no diseases and no automobile accidents. This is the origin of the old American metaphysical saying, “That is not real. That did not really happen.” This seems at first glance to be nonsensical. What the healer should say is that there is neither cancer nor an injured spine in the Real World where God, you and I dwell.  If God is really Omnipresent, is it possible there is some other place where He is not permitted to enter and where we live? Even the ego cannot believe in Omnipresence and being separate from God. Reason dictates that this is not possible. What is possible is that you do not know your true nature and suffer according to the whims of the ego.
A healer ought not to believe in the law of karma. The past is an illusion. We are here to free ourselves from the illusion that either the past or any other mythical entity can restrict the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God.

Time is an illusion so healing does not take time. A healed body appears in time and space just as your body appears here and now. It takes no effort to perform a seeming miracle. But I assure you that a miracle of healing is from God's point of view no different than you getting up and walking across the room. It is no strain on Him to give a man a healed spine or to make a tumor disappear from a woman's body. He is faithfully helping us to create the world we see. It is our beliefs that limit what we receive from Him.

Now we understand how the healer heals. It is an automatic response to living in this world. Some people actually pray for the sick I do not. From my understanding God is not waiting up in Heaven for us to beg him to intervene in behalf of those who deserve to be healed. I believe that we are already praying all the time because prayer is how we create what we are seeing.

Healing is accomplished simply by the healer changing his or her mind. In the Old Testament it says, My Thoughts are not your thoughts. Your ways are not My Ways.” I always thought of religion as a man or woman learning to think like God thinks. And those who are willing to change their minds and to think like Him are given in some small measure the gift of the Vision of God. That is why I do not pray for those who ask me to heal them. What I do is to say “I will include you in my prayers.” My prayers are my life as your prayers are your life. True prayer has nothing to do with begging God to grant a special favor.

Some years ago I started using the term the Connectedness of Being to describe how we are all connected with one another through God's Spirit. I define Knowledge as the realization of this Oneness of Being. The healer has dedicated himself or herself to the release of the world from the Ignorance that can see no connectedness from one part of God's Being to another.

The healer and the patient are already connected. But the healer does need the patient's consent except in the case of a small child or an unconscious person. In these cases we can obtain permission from a parent or a spouse. The patient has equal rights to the healer and can refuse help. Many people are so frightened of learning they are connected to all Life that they would rather die than learn that lesson. That is their right.

Time is an illusion but distance is too. This means you can heal instantly someone on the other side of the world. Of course it also means you do not have to lay your hands on the sick which is a common custom in America.

Healing becomes an automatic response when we learn to think with the Mind of God and accept His Ways as ours. God sees no difficulty in healing the most horrendous diseases even in the oldest person who has no immune system left. A healer does not speed up the immune system. People have been healed of cancer and AIDS in less than 60 seconds. That is not enough time for the immune system to do anything. Disease is returned to the nothingness from which it came.

 The Vision of God created your body and will maintain it for as long as you need it and for as long as God needs you on this earth. We must learn God's Ways. He sees past, present and future as one. He knows the outcome to any given situation well in advance. He knows which step we should take next. That is why we should accept Divine Guidance and to allow Him to decide the course of our actions. It is not for the healer to say who should and who should not be healed.

Man's ways revolve around his emotions. The word emotion is a compound of e or out of and motion. I would define emotions as feeling toned reactions or nonrational judgments. These emotions are to be replaced by Divine Guidance which as I have said is key to the healer accepting God's Ways. Practice allows us to develop the skill in listening to God's Voice. The healers need to set time apart from the world of the ego to dwell in the Realm of God where all healing takes place.

Every healer has his or her first patient. This is often a member of the family. In fact most healers only heal themselves or a few close relatives. There are other healing milestones, such as, healing the first cancer patient or healing a condition that any doctor will tell you cannot be healed.. I have yet to heal my first blind person but that is my goal.

In the Old Testament we read “Let's make man after our image.” That is why all men and women are here. We were created to be like Him. The healer is taking one of the many paths to God and has chosen to share his or her release from pain with all the world.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prayer and Healing

Everyone prays and prays all the time. Prayer is communion with God and with all Life. We are part of God because God is Universal Mind or Spirit. We must think with the Mind of God because there is no other mind with which we could possibly think. When I was a child, I defined God or Spirit as my mind at its deepest level. The surface level of the mind sees itself as separate from everything and everyone. This is the home of the ego which sees everyone as having the ability to take away what the ego wants you to think you need. Ego is a word in both Greek and Latin and means I. The ego is not capable of sharing and therefore of communion and prayer. So how can I say that everyone prays and prays all the time?

The world we see was created by the Vision of God. If we assume God is Omnipresent, then we must ask how God sees the moon. Does He see it as apart from Himself as we imagine our perception does? Not if He is Omnipresent. He must be simultaneously creating what He sees while He sees it otherwise the moon would be outside of His Omnipresent Being. I would go further and say that as part of God we can see what He sees. Therefore what we see must also be part of God. When I was a child, I knew that subjects and objects always occur together because they cannot appear apart on their own. The moon cannot exist outside the Mind of God anymore than you can. We see the moon because God has created it with His Vision as part of Himself. Our mundane vision sees diseases, wars and famines which are all unworthy of God's Vision. Our problem is that the ego is using the Mind of God to create things that are not of God to prove that your are not of God. The ego will never prove there is a world apart from God. God is Omnipresent and there is nothing apart from Him. The ego prays or communes to create the world we see so even the atheists and the materialists pray all the time. Prayer is how the material girl created her material world.

Healing is possible because we can choose to commune with God and not the ego. Healing of the mind, the body and the spirit are the result of communing with God. We can see the results of communing with the ego. War, cancer, AIDS and strife. For the past few years we have seen the ego on steroids with wars and looming economic collapse. All this is the logical conclusion of seeing the world of separation just as healing is the result of seeing the world with the Vision of God.

A tumor is not a permanent condition. Nothing is permanent because everything is part of God and must be re-created from instant to instant to maintain the illusion of duration. Your world including your body and that of a loved one must be re-created each instant so it can be reborn without a tumor or a bad back or some other condition. The unitiated call this a miracle. The real miracle is the change of mind that permits change in an uncaring ego-maniacal, self-destructive world. To the scientifically minded I say that healing is just the practice of fourth dimensional geometry. If you do not like what you see, wait a minute and it will change provided you are using the Vision of God.

To those of any religion or any path I say that you are part of God. You will never be able to leave Him or to prove He does not exist or is separate from you. So why continue in pain and agony? Why not change your mind as accept your Identity? Your memory of the past in part is creating the world you see. The alternative is to remember your present Identity as a Child of God who was created from God's Being and never departed. And what about your karma or past deeds? Where do they go? How do you release yourself from the past? All you have to do is to choose to remember your Identity instead of your past. As I said in a previous essay, if you would prove to me or to yourself that the past is real, please reach out and touch yesterday. You can prove your Identity is real first by accepting It for yourself and then by sharing It with those who want to share in your release from the prison of the ego.

My great-grandmother was a healer. She healed herself of two life threatening diseases. To the best of my knowledge she never healed anyone else. Most healers only heal themselves or someone close to them like a child, a parent, a spouse or a friend. Why? Most books on healing do not cover this subject but a healer needs to establish a relationship or a connection with the patient. These connections are based on the connectedness of being and not on personal history so they can be made real to us and produce visible healing in minutes even with a complete stranger. However, it is easier for some people to feel that connectedness with a member of their own family or with a close friend.

Sometimes a person with a serious and painful disease wants pain relief but is not healed. I do not believe in blaming the patient, but selfish people are threatened by the connectedness of Being that healing implies. And many others are currently on other paths and do not want to change directions. Others might prefer to learn how to heal themselves rather than rely upon someone else.. And then it might be true that the healer just needs more practice in sharing his or her Identity with others before the difficult cases become easy. And for some reason healers often find one impossible disease easier to heal than another. Why? I don't know how all of these personal preferences originated. They all end when you have had more practice sharing your Identity.

I should point out that healing is not a recovery process and is not dependent on time. Time is an illusion. Immanuel Kant said that time and space are ideas that every human must have in order to understand what is going on around us. Kant also said that God exists outside of time and space. I agree. I would further say God does not share in our illusions so He is Free to re-create the world without a tumor in seconds even if it is as big as a grapefruit . Fourth dimensional geometry makes anything possible. Time and space exist only inside your mind. They do not exist outside you in the world. This means you are liberated from the laws of science and medicine if you also are willing to accept an Identity that places you outside of time and space.

Prayer has also been defined as desire. Buddha means One Who Knows. Gautama Buddha said that desire is ignorance. I would agree. The ignorant man does not see that the world is a direct manifestation of Being. The world is a poor prison because the inmates all have keys to release themselves. I do see a relation between prayer and desire. I once read that we ought to make a lifetime prayer request that is general and not specific, such as, I want to love, to heal and to teach. And not I want a specific job. Or we could make our entire life a prayer, such as, dedicating our lives to peace and to stopping World War III. Praying for things might work in the short run. There are churches dedicated to praying for worldly goods. These people are called treasure mappers. They will be soon disappointed if my economic forecasts are correct. Desire is ignorance if you already are what you want to have and to become. True prayer is communing with God and with all Life. It has nothing to do with worldly possessions. These things take care of themselves. Please remember that you can only see your surroundings because God sees them and you see what He sees. That means He sees every last detail of your life and knows your personal life and needs.

True prayer is accepting your Identity and sharing it. You do not need to verbally tell people your discoveries. That might be counter productive. You share it on the spiritual level by affirming the Truth of Who and What They are. You limit the Truth you accept about yourself by the limits or judgments you place on your brothers and sisters. If you deem them to be unworthy, then you have deprived yourself. Everyone you meet is a child of God as you are. Joel Goldsmith once was conversing with God and said, “Lord, this is a difficult path.” He said the Lord responded, “No. It is only difficult for the first two hundred years. After that it is very easy.” I should point out that conversing with God is normal. I defined God as my mind at its deepest level. It does appear that this deeper Identity in us must be a separate person as the surface person we are could not be this wonderful Being that dwells within us. Sufficient practice will eventually convince you that the inner man or woman is not a separate person but that it is the most real part of your being. It is the eternal part. It is your destiny to become One with that Inner Person.

As I said elsewhere, when I was a child I read First John chapter III which reads, “When we see him (Jesus), we will be like him. I immediately knew that I could make the logically equivalent statement that “We will never see Christ until we are like Christ.” If Christ is the first born of many brothers and sisters, then Christianity is the process of becoming like Christ. That is not to say that Omnipresence is the exclusive property of the Christians. I have been asked to leave Christian churches. And I have benefited greatly by the study of other paths.

I would hesitate to make personal recommendations for anyone else's personal prayer life. I might recommend a classic like Brother Lawrence's Practicing the Presence of God. Or you could repeat an affirmation like “I am one with God and all creation.” The important point is finding a path, reading the best books on that path and spending time alone with God.

If you or a loved one is facing a life threatening illness and you do not get immediate results from prayer that makes surgery or treatment unnecessary, please go ahead with the medical solution though you always want a second opinion before undergoing extensive and invasive treatment.

Be of Good Cheer. Your Identity can never be taken from you. Your Identity will never be destroyed in a war or an economic collapse. Your Identity is Real. It is more real than anything in this world. The world is nothing more than the reflection of what we collectively believe to be true. What the world needs now is for a few men and women to come forward and to share their Identity that others might learn from their elder brothers and sisters.

Goodbye for now, Daniel

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Unending World We Love

I had two visions when I was eight years-old. The second vision taught me how the Mind of God interacted with us to create the world we see. The term Mind of God has been used by physicists from Newton to Einstein. When I was 8 years-old, I did not use those words. I just said, “I always knew the universe was a trick. That is how they do that.” I was referring to the manner in which the world we see was created. I was in a schoolyard and had seen an artist's sketch pad with an airplane drawn in successively different positions so that when the boy flipped through the pages it would appear that the plane is flying. It was not until I was a couple of years older that I read about fourth dimensional geometry which I feel is best explained by our experience with movies. Movies were originally called moving pictures. The fourth dimension is time which makes the plane appear to be flying when it does not move at any one instant. Time to me is an illusion. If you would prove to me that the past is real, please reach out and touch yesterday.

Sometimes I can remember the future. I knew Kennedy was to be assassinated long before the elections of 1960. Even before election day in 1960 I told the boys at school to get into the army and get out before 1965 because we were going to war in Vietnam. More recently I described an accident to a woman at work that she had just seen. I had to drive through that same intersection so I said I would wait six minutes before leaving. I said that when I arrived at the accident scene, the police car that had been directing traffic would pull away. I also said that I would see a tall woman EMT with peroxide blonde hair talking to two cops on the sidewalk as I made my left turn to go towards the freeway. My co-worker was amazed when I said this. I have been doing this all my life. We cannot touch the future so how is this possible? I don't know. Perhaps the future is determined by our past, by our beliefs and by our decisions. So when a prophet says we will have a war that will kill us all unless we change our ways all he is doing is giving us one last chance to just say no to madness and mayhem.

A few months after that initial vision which I later said permitted me to develop an integrated theory of consciousness and physics I had a series of insights that fleshed out my theories. I wanted to understand the Christian Bible so I went into the the living room to lie down and began my contemplations. I had previously reasoned that a cause and effect relationship required that we have a cause that preceded an effect such that if we saw the cause we would expect the effect. My example was a tennis racket and a ball. We hit the ball and it goes over the net. I decided that to determine the meaning of the Bible I would find three quotes from the Scriptures and connect the three as past, present and future. The quote which I selected to represent the future was “When we see him (Jesus), we will be like him.” I knew that I could change the sentence and make the logically equivalent statement “We won't see him (Jesus) until we are like him.” That really pointed out the problems of those Christians who were waiting for Jesus to return and smite their enemies. I was told by my teacher that what I had independently discovered was what her friends had told her was a contrapositive. What you do is to take the second clause and negate it. Then you put it front of the first clause. Logically there is no reason to believe we will see Christ until we are like Him.

I also came to some conclusions that relate to the title of this essay The Unending World We Love. I defined God as Spirit or Mind and said that God was our mind at its deepest level. I concluded this from my belief in the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of God. I said that subjects and objects only appear to be separate because we focused on one and then on the other. What people do not seem to understand I said is that subjects and objects always occur together. I concluded that we were quite literally creating what we were seeing. That is why the world we see will never end. We will always create an object to be associated with our subject. We Love what we see, because what we see is part of us. This follows from the principle of Omnipresence. Of course we can experience wars and cancers if we do not understand the world we see is a choice and we can undo the choices that brought us our present calamity. As I said in my profile, I do believe that you and I were put on this earth at this precise point in time so you and I could face the challenge of stopping World War III.

There has been much enmity between Muslims and Protestants as well as between Christians and Muslims. I would now attempt to bridge the gap between the three religions of the West by explaining the term Vision of God. Islam means submission. This is implied by my definition of God. He is Omnipresent and He is Spirit. That must mean His Mind must include us in His Being. We live and move and breathe because we are part of Him. This must be true by the definition of Omnipresence which is much more explicit in the Koran than in the Bible. The submission of the ego to God is easy to accomplish as soon as we accept the Divine Fact that we are already part of God, have never left Him and indeed could never have existed apart from Him. What does exist apart from God is the world of pain, war, disease, corruption and illusions. But that world was something we created to replace the world of Light. From God's point of view Heaven is the Real World He Loves and maintains eternally.

The term Vision of God was developed by the Catholics in the Middle Ages and it was a logical conclusion of the belief in the Omnipresence of God. They argued that if God is Omnipresent then He must not see the sun, the moon and the stars as being apart from Himself so His Vision does not work like ours is imagined to. He must be quite literally creating the sun, the moon and the stars as He sees them with His Vision. I would say that we are only able to see the sun, the moon and the stars because He sees them and we are part of Him. Therefore we see what sees. If we are capable of changing our minds and accepting God's Thoughts, we are capable of instantaneously changing the world we see. This right to heal and to change the world we see is inherent in us as we are part of God. We can learn to see the world with the Vision of God.

In the Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah it says “My Thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not My Ways.” I have always thought that religion or mysticism is the process of learning to knowingly think like God thinks so His Thoughts and His Ways become ours. We are not limited to healing bodies. We can change our thoughts and change the world. The challenge to us at this time is to gather together a sufficient number of people with the Vision of God to permanently cancel World War III.

We think with the Mind of God because there is no other mind with which we could possibly think. Our goal should be to knowingly and to continuously think with the Mind of God. That is true Prayer without ceasing.

We have real Cause for Hope, because the Cause of Everything is in us, has never left us and will never forsake us. The World We Love can never end.


PS. This essay was written in response to comments from those who read my previous essay Musings On The End Of The World We Knew which appeared to frighten some people. It would if you did not understand that this world can be changed in an instant. Henceforth, I will maintain two separate blogs. The other blog and my email address can be reached by clicking on the View My Complete Profile tab to the right. A lot of people did not see Blogspot before today and had trouble finding my email address and my other blog.

I feel obligated to mention fatal illnesses, such as, cancer and AIDS. Many people have died from them and others have survived. I condemn no one who has chosen to die in these perilous times. Clearly, we all know that World War III is coming so many have chosen to exit from the scene before the Final Act. I criticize no one for not wanting to witness the deaths of several billion human beings. I do say that we who remain in the flesh do have time to change the future. I have outlined practical political solutions that will stop the coming war at that other blog. But this site has now returned to its original purpose and will no longer deal with either politics or economics though it will continue to resist war by focusing on spiritual solutions that will undo the wrold the ego hath wrought.

Bye For Now, Daniel

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Musings On The End Of The World We Knew

I have not written anything for a long time. That is because I am not an event driven writer. I am just chronicling the destruction of the America we knew. It is not for me to say what will replace the world we loved. That is for those who survive. I am on too many enemies lists from too many sources in this conflict to expect to survive the coming conflagration. But I knew that when I was 8 years-old and had my vision of World War III. In that vision 99.5% of the world's population dies. It was that vision that eventually led me to decide to never have children. I should tell you that a prophet only tells you the future you will have if you do not change your ways. This essay is to bring you the good news that the launching of World War III might have been postponed or even canceled.

Vladimir Putin just recently formed an alliance with the nations that border the Caspian Sea which means that he is now formally committed to defending Iran if President Stupid decides to drop a few thousand bombs on the Iranians. Putin did nothing when President Stupid invaded Iraq. This is probably because he did not want to intervene while his enemy was destroying himself and his country. I have written an article detailing why attacking Iran would be an absolute disaster for the United States. Of course the people in Washington and Tel Aviv planning this war do not care that the U.S. will be destroyed. They know the dollar is collapsing and that our days are numbered anyway. They know the plan to attack Iran is doomed to failure. They just don't care. They want us to nuke the Mideast and leave the oil for Israel and the Bilderbergers.

There are a couple of reasons why there is also domestic pressure against the coming war. The U.S. Military knows that they will be decimated if we wage war against Iran. And there are signs that our Military would revolt rather than launch a preemptive strike which does violate the Nuremberg laws forbidding wars of aggression. Ron Paul, the anti-war Presidential candidate, has more military contributions than any of the others. And the 911 Truth Movement has reached a majority of people capable of thinking. Of course the majority of thinking people still refuse to risk their careers to resist treason, mass murder and national suicide. But I do not believe that any foreign power can get the American people to go along with another World Trade Center controlled demolition.

Everyone has been talking about a dirty bomb that would radiate tens of thousands. I do not believe that Washington and Tel Aviv can organize such an event. Ask yourself these questions: What percent of the people who had been deliberately radiated by their government do you think would take up arms in violent opposition to the treason that personally sentenced them to die? Would you want to be walking around where they could find you if you had allowed it to happen as our supposed leaders in Washington did in Oklahoma City on 4-19-1995 and at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001?

The 911 Truth Movement has penetrated the consciousness of America to such an extent that the only option open is for Israel to initially take on Iran alone knowing that the latter would respond by attacking America and thus giving President Stupid the chance to nuke the Mideast. This is a more likely option, because the Israeli lobby is as powerful inside Russia as it is in the U.S. so no Russian or American politician can even contemplate attacking Israel.

I have always said that there are two basic factions in the Bilderberg Society and that both are corrupt. The Bilderbergers represent the big banks that launder 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. They also launder over a trillion dollars in drug money and almost 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. And the Bilderbergers have the power to steal more than four billion dollars a week from unaudited federal government contracts. If you still think America is a functioning democracy, ask yourself why the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars each year is of no concern to senate and congressional Democrats and Republicans who have refused to implement auditing in the 25 years after it was first proposed by the Grace Commission?

If you do not know what a Bilderberger is, please look them up under Bilderberg at Wikipedia. They list Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, David Rockefeller and Paul Wolfowitz among their members. The European Bilderbergers and some of the Americans opposed the Iraq war. They want to let the dollar collapse in 2009 so that their newly elected Bilderberg or CFR President can merge the United States with Canada and Mexico into the North American Union (NAU). The crazies within the Bilderberg Society also support the NAU and ending American sovereignty in 2010 which will repeal the Bill of Rights. They just want the U.S. To nuke the Mideast before it goes under.

I should also point out that Fred Thompson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which also supports ending American sovereignty in 2010. Most of the major candidates that is to say those with money from Wall Street and AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) would go for the NAU if told to do so. Wall Street needs to get moving on the NAU precisely because they know the collapse of the dollar means a permanent 50% pay cut and a temporary 25% unemployment rate in addition to the aforementioned destruction of all pensions and savings. That these things as well as The Great Depression of 1929-1939 would occur were known to the creators of the Federal Reserve Act when it was passed in 1913. The bankers are looking forward to that Glorious Day when all real estate and all corporate stock will belong to them. They just need another Patriot Act, a war, a few “terrorist events” and a North American Union to protect themselves from the wrath of the soon to be impoverished citizens.

If Israel does draw America into the war against Iran, then you can expect the end of democracy. I once read that someone in the Trilateral Commission said that America suffers from excessive democracy. That will no longer be a problem. As I have said before, on 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld said he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. That is trillions and not billions. That is enough money to give 230 million dollars each to 10,000 people. Suppose you had taken 230 million dollars and let it run in either illegal drugs or in legal oil futures from $20 oil to $96 oil. You and 9,999 of your friends would have a billion dollars each that you could use to buy America for pennies on the dollar and dispossess the middle class when the dollar does go. The Bill of Rights would have to be abolished to protect Wall Street from the angry mobs. America will cease to exist in any recognizable form if the people who make large donations to the Senatorial, Congressional and Presidential campaigns win. Why do you think there is no movement to audit the books? Why do you think that someone like Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, who would love to share her research of the past 25 years is not allowed on TV?

If the people who launder the drug money and also allowed to steal billions of dollars each week have their way, people like me will be in concentration camps never to be seen again. So this might be farewell unless you care to join me as an unnamed and unnumbered prisoner in a nameless CIA prison overseas. Look on the bright side. We terminated our relationship with Uzbekistan in 2004 when they began charging our government too much money. The Uzbekis used to boil our prisoners in oil for us and the British so that is one less torture to worry about. For those of you who do not join us in one of those many prisons you might remember us when you are living under martial law. If Israel attacks Iran, the Blowback will be enormous and give the Bilderbergers the opportunity to impose martial law in America. The 2008 elections could continue as all the mainstream candidates will do whatever their donors in Wall Street and at AIPAC tell them to do.

Until martial law or the North American Union repeals the Bill of Rights I will be walking around freely in a decidedly unfree and extremely dangerous world. I promise to post an article if I think either the dollar will collapse really soon or if World War III will start before the end of the week. I see no immediate threats on either front but that is not to say that I am endorsing dollar denominated investments at this point in our history!! This is not an economic advisory service. As I said, I am just chronicling the destruction of the world we loved.

My profile does hint at an occupation I can practice overseas, but that is on hold for now. I guess I will just have to stick around and see what happens. But then again if there is an opening overseas I would be foolish to not leave a country whose government has decided to die and take its people with it to hell never to return to the Daylight.

The maniacal desire for darkness on the part of our leaders was also part of that vision I had when I was 8 years-old. Be of Good Cheer. The world they create will not stand as it would be too unbearable for the human spirit. Humanity will ultimately reject our present world leaders but not all of us will be there to see the return of the Sunshine. It is our duty to help make it possible for future generations to know of Love, Joy, Happiness, Freedom and simple Human Dignity for these are the very things that the people who think they own the world neither understand nor value.

Goodbye for now, Daniel